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Teelie Turner

Author, Artist, Business Mentor/Coach and Designer. Additionally, Teelie is the proud Founder of the Teelie Turner brand which includes Teelie Turner, The Teelie Blog, Teelie Turner Author, Teelie’s Fairy Garden, along with these other Brands: Gentleman Pirate Club, Tommy Tinker, Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy, Teelie Turner Author, and even Sexy Anti-Aging. It is safe to say that she has had numerous business ventures—primarily in the realms of publishing, merchandising, electronic commerce, and the fairy garden industry.

When she’s not career-focused, Teelie absolutely loves gardening, interior decorating, playing tennis, boating, discovering new places, cooking, and even involving herself in the community via philanthropy. She’s also an animal lover with one fur baby, Joey. Four months out of the year, Teelie and her husband enjoy spending time in Idaho, where she continues to write and paint.

Airapippen The Author Fairy™

Hello. I am glad to see you in Fairy Land. I’m Airapippen the Author Fairy. Whenever you read a book, you feel something magical that the author sprinkles into their writing. It is the best feeling and I get to share that with others. I get to spend my days thinking up wonderful and magical tales. I also love to visit my friends as their jobs are sources of inspiration for me. A photographer recently visited and took a picture of me hard at work. That photo is being used on my collection of merchandise.

Exclusive Fairy Face Masks

Previously, when you thought of masks, you may have been thinking of a masquerade ball and the masks that are worn to those. However, with a mask that is required for health and safety, the nose and mouth must be covered. This means that your smile and facial expression are hidden. However, the fairies and their magical friends are here for you. Let them be your smile. The fairies can help add some sparkle to your life when you wear their masks. You might not see the fairy dust, but the fairies are surrounding you with it every day in the form of well wishes for a wonderful day. The creativity and numerous designs for their fairy masks can help you feel wonderful as you go about choosing yours. Just like your smile is a statement, so are the beautiful designs that you can wear.

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Other Books

Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas

A magical tale of a garden fairy and a human girl preparing for Christmas time.

The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches

Five Spooktacular Halloween fairy tales all in one book take you on an adventure filled with sugary treats and magic.

Eliza The Easter Fairy

Eliza the Easter Fairy weaves Easter magic with every swirl of the paintbrush.


 Teelie Turner does it again! This latest book “Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy” is full of sparkle and wonder as it celebrates the season of love! This whole series is a must-get for any kids in your life, or any adults who share a love of fairies! The story is adorable and the artwork is magnificent! Always feel welcomed by an opening sentiment… “May you always believe in the magic of fairies.”

Dagny Grant, Intention Media Matrix Productions

The Latest

March 14, 2020

New Easter Fairy Product Launch

Ever wondered how Easter eggs are made? Meet Elisa, the Easter Fairy who’s ready to share how fairies and other enchanting creatures make your Easter celebration magical. Plus, she lets you in on a secret that will truly transform your Easter egg hunting experience and grant your heart’s desire!

Eliza The Easter Fairy will be launching an entire line of new products for this Easter season. They will exist of baby clothing, kids’ products, home décor, sweets, toys and so much more!

Coming Soon

New Farmer Fairy Book Release

It is early one morning when Jonathan, a Fairy Farmer shows a human believer in fairies around the special magical farm where he works and lives. He and the other fairies that work there are responsible for caring for all the animals. They don’t need an alarm clock because the rooster wakes them up. A Water Fairy and a bit of fairy dust ensure that the animals get watered. Some fairies use tractors and other farm machinery in the fields to make hay. The fairy farm also has a huge garden. Join Jonathan, The Fairy Farmer on his morning walk around the farm so that you can meet the animals and learn about the farm’s operations.

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