Discover what others have to say about the magical reading experiences they’ve had with Teelie Turner’s stories.


Discover what others have to say about the magical reading experiences they’ve had with Teelie Turner’s stories.

Loves her Fairy Garden

My granddaughter LOVES her new fairy garden! It was so easy to put together and she has already spent hours playing with it. Thank you so much!

*Teelie’s Etsy Shop Review*

So beautiful and Well-made

I bought this for my wife as a surprise and she was absolutely thrilled! It's so beautiful and Well-made. We just can't get enough of it

*Teelie’s Etsy Shop Review*

The whole family loves

This is by far the best purchase I have made in ages! The whole family loves our new fairy garden and we can't wait to add more to it as time goes on.

*Teelie’s Etsy Shop Review*

Fairies are so cute!

My niece Alex was so excited when she opened the wrapped books. She even get more excited when she saw the illustrations of the book cover. I asked her what she liked the most after reading, and she said "The drawings were colorful and I love the story of pirate pete, the fairies are so pretty, Fairies are so cute!".

*Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure Book Review*

He is very Happy!

Holding this book makes my nephew very happy. He loves the characters and the quality of the book, so he is so excited and happy to have it and read it.

*Tommy Tinker And The Sacred Trees of Ireland Book Review*

Amazing Books!!!

Amazing!! Love these Teelie Turner's books. My daughter's favorite fairies. The illustrations and quality of the books are also Great.

*Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday Book Review*

Fan Girl of Gigi !

My daughter loves unicorns, mermaids, and fairies so she immediately became a fan of Gigi, The Chic Magical Fairy. Reading the book became part of our bedtime routine because she loves the colors and illustrations. I also got the holiday books so I can create a reading tradition for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Teelie Turner’s books are a great way to raise a reader – all the books tickle a child's imagination. Now that’s Halloween is approaching, I’m planning on adding the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches to our reading list. Will decorate paper mache pumpkins after. Can’t wait for the new releases!

*Gigi, The Chic Magical Fairy Book Review*

I love my Book!!!

Read your book to my 4-year-old daughter and she loved the pictures and said it was a 'great book'. We read it 3 times just for fun

*Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday Book Review*

Woww Mama, Nice!!!

My almost 2 years old baby was so amazed seeing the books, he said "WOWW MAMA, NICE!!!" He shows a smile on me in every page he flip. HE REALLY LOVES IT especially The Jonathan the Farm Fairy book, coz he really loves animals.

*Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan The Farmer Fairy Book Review*

They love the illustration!

My daughter and her cousin love this book. She wants to copy the look of Chef Gardenia from the book The Halloween Adventures of The 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches. And for Felicia, they love the illustration design and magical story of the book at an affordable price. My wife always reads Felicia: The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy every night with my daughter.

*Felicia: The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy Book Review*

Really loves Fairy Designs!

Thank you so much for these Teelie Turner book collections. My daughter really loves the fairy designs and the activity inside. Its also a great help to my daughter who begins her schooling and start to improve her reading skills.

*Gigi, The Chic Magical Fairy Book Review*

Very nice spiral notebook!

My 12 years old daughter loves this Gigi The Sweet Valentine Heart Fairy ™ Spiral Notebook by Teelie Turner. She enjoys writing some quotes and sweet thoughts. She told me Gigi fairy has a very cute outfit, the cover designs are great, and the paper has good quality. Very nice spiral notebook!

“Gigi The Sweet Valentine Heart Fairy Spiral Notebook Reviews”

I was surprised

I was so surprised to see a beautiful package in the mailbox. Wow. The apron is awesome. Besides that beautiful Fairy. I love the bright colors. They are well made so durable. I enjoy wearing mine very much. Thank you so much Lynn. Love it.

*Gigi The Sweet Valentine Heart Fairy Apron Review*

I highly recommend

My daughter absolutely loved reading this fairy book! The vivid descriptions and charming characters brought the magical world of fairies to life in a way that captured her imagination from the very first page. The storyline was engaging. The illustrations were beautiful and added extra layer of enchantment to the story. This book is perfect for children and adults alike who enjoy a bit of magic and whimsy in their reading. I highly recommend it

*Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy Book Review*

Quality is Great!

I always bring Gigi tote bag wherever I go. I put the TT books and some baby stuffs here . Quality is great and so comfy to use. My cousin loves it too!

*Gigi And The Magical Fairy Hearts Tote Bag Review*

Perfect home decor!

Teelie Turner's fairy Airapippen the Author Fairy pillowcase is the perfect addition to my home decor. She is cheerful and inspiring.

*Airapippen the Author Fairy Pillowcase Review*

Adorable Coaster!

Teelie Turner's beautiful Gigi Easter coasters are not only adorable but also made from high quality materials. I was so happy to receive them and cannot wait to share who this magical fairy is with friends and family when I use them.

*Gigi’s Fairy Love This Easter Coaster Review*

Absolutely beautiful!

Such a stunning product and the quality is amazing. This is perfect for our backyard resto everytime I use it to serve our customers as it adds magical vibe to the ambiance. Absolutely beautiful product.

*Gigi The Sweet Valentine Heart Fairy Apron Review*

Magical Story with Lovely Illustrations

We all need a break from our regular lives. A trip into the magic of Teelie Turner's magical storyland with her well-rounded characters give adults and children an opportunity to use their imagination and go on an adventure in another place - a magical and amazing place. Well worth the read.

Tommy Tinker: And The Lost Candy Factory Book Reviews

Interesting from beginning to end!

Awesome book! Kept me interested the entire book!

*Sugarsnap Book Review*

A Valentine's Day Treat

This a cute and colorful book that's a perfect for Valentine's Day. The illustrations are well done and the story is sweet. I think that both the young and the young at heart will enjoy Sugarsnap - The Valentine's Card Fairy.

*Sugarsnap Book Review*

Loved it!!!

I give this book a 5 star review!! It was written so sincerely with love and joy all through the book!! Great Author and am looking forward to reading her other books!!!

*Sugarsnap Book Review*

Chime the New Years Fairie works all over the world, helping people achieve their midnight wishes.

Chime's story of how she helped some soldiers fix their communication gear was a perfect example of what Chime and her friends do to help people. The Fairies and friends are all around us, you just have to believe!

*Chime The New Year’s Fairy Book Review*

Sweet little book

This is an adorable book that any person would enjoying reading to their child or grandchildren. I would recommend curling up with them for a little quality book reading time.

*Sugarsnap Book Review*

Wonderful book

The story and graphics were wonderfully done and I feel it will be a wonderful tool for learning and fantasy..

Tommy Tinker: And The Lost Candy Factory Book Reviews

A Wonderful Fairy-tale

I enjoyed reading this book to my grandchildren. They love bedtime stories and even though Easter passed they still a favorite for them.

Eliza The Easter Fairy Book Reviews

Interesting from beginning to end!

Awesome book! Kept me interested the entire book!

*Sugarsnap Book Review*

It was wonderful to meet Hope.

The Magical Easter Basket Fairy, she had a fairy adventure awaiting to be shared. She met her human friend Kiara who was given a basket with dirt rocks and fairy basket. She wasn't sure what it was. But by Hope using magical fairy dust she was able to flap her wings, be the same size for a while to help her make the fairy garden.
When they finished the garden, it was time for hope to return to her size and Kaira asked if she could learn about the fairy's where else could she learn. Hope explained all the beautiful fairy's Tommy tinker Hope filled with pink polka dotted bowl with dirt and invited Kaira to help place some minute things inside the bowl, when the dragon was placed Kiara was worried for fairyland, but hope assured all the pets are loved at fairy land.
Hope told a fascinating story about Tommy tinker, and the lost candy factory. Hope loved to watch how Kiara learning was fun and opened her world to now her fairies to share. She finished her garden and placed on the patio, they even added a rabbit, Kiara gently misted the garden, and placed it on the patio and shared with her mom and dad to see it. She had met Hope who would share her wonderful fairy adventures with her. Now hope was so happy she had helped Kiara to learn about fairy's and what a fairy garden was.
It was such a magical adventure to go I cannot wait for the next one. I loved how she was able to share with Kiara to put her fears at rest to try something new and meet fairies and learn about their adventures

Hope The Magical Easter Basket Fairy Book Reviews

A sweet book about a magical Easter Fairy

My kids were very excited to hear all about the special Easter egg painting school! They love decorating eggs every year and this book made it even more magical for them. My daughter loves the story and her favorite character is Eliza's pet,Henry the duck. My son is 3 and although it's hard for him to sit through the story, he really enjoyed looking at the illustrations and counting all the eggs! I think this book is perfect for some magical fairy fun all Spring long!

Eliza The Easter Fairy Book Reviews