The Wonderful World of Fairy Gardens Presents: Your Collection of Fairy Garden Ideas Vol. 3

The feature story in this book is about “Gunter the Gnome”. Now Gunter is a gnome and his passion is gardening. Gnomes and fairies are extremely good friends, with their passion of gardening in common. In this story you’ll learn about Gunter’s pet and how he flies from fairy garden to fairy garden with a bit of magic. You’ll also learn about other gnomes, their pets and hobbies. Gunter is a very hard-working gnome and that is why he’s in such high demand from many of his fairy friends. Also, to have a gnome that works in your garden is very good luck.

One of the themes and ideas in the book is how gnomes garden in fairy gardens. You will see a variety gnomes of and their duties. Gnomes by nature are very happy and jovial, always looking to have fun and a lot of laughs. It is said that having a gnome in your fairy garden is a sign of protection and all will be well with your garden.