The Wonderful World of Fairy Gardens Presents: Your Collection of Fairy Garden Ideas Vol. 6

The feature story in this book is about the “Lavish Fairy Ball” did you know that there is a lavish fairy ball every year that introduces all the handsome eligible boy fairies. Find out what glitters and what the purpose is of such a lavish ball. We will also be featuring 10 adorable boy fairies-many humans don’t believe boy fairies exist, but they sure do and they are truly adorable. Or maybe you would like to create a fairy garden with the new fairy in town. They are definitely fancy, full of fantasy and extremely colorful. A fantastic addition to anyone’s fairy garden. Also, what really gives your fairy garden that extra pop are the evergreens that you plant. We will show you many different kinds of evergreens and bonsai trees that you can incorporate into your fairy gardens.