The Wonderful World of Fairy Gardens Presents: Your Collection of Fairy Garden Ideas Vol. 7

The feature story in this book is about the “Rusty, the Rustic Gardens Fairy.” Find out what job Rusty has in his position in Europe. He’s quite a talented fairy with many duties including caring for animals, creating fairy items out of twigs and looking after the rustic cottages. If you choose to create a rustic fairy garden, we have the tips and tricks of items to fill your garden as if you’re in Europe. We have wonderful flower bearing plants that will add to any fairy garden, making it look dreamy and inviting to your fairies. Or maybe you just want some brilliant fairy garden ideas and we have them prepared for you. You’ll find tips on making fairy gardens, some of the items are simply extraordinary. It is extremely important to create the proper habitat for your fairies. We will show you how to do that and your fairies will never leave your garden-they might even invite more fairies.