Join Tommy Tinker on a magical adventure as he searches for a lost candy factory.

Queen Olivia and King Henry gave Tommy Tinker a mission to search for the lost magical candy factory in Fairy Land. Tommy Tinker took his mission seriously and set out to find it with the help of a search team. When he does locate it, it needs some work and he quickly gets to work overseeing the relaunch of the incredible candy factory. Read the book here to learn more.

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Not only is Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory an amazing book to read, or listen to if you prefer the audiobook format, but Teelie Turner has released an assortment of magical digital downloads that will allow you to explore with Tommy Tinker. His collection of fun includes party props, the magical candy factory, fairy windows and doors, a miniature fairy garden, the king and queen’s palace, and Tommy’s cottage.

Check out the sample audio below:

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Get a free download of one of the magical illustrations contained within the pages of Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory.


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It’s not easy being one of the last few tinker fairies around, especially when you’re in Fairy Land. He has politely declined repair orders since last week but broken gadgets and other things that need fixing pop up in his house almost every day. 

Party Props

It’s time to have a pirate party and we have all the party props you need.
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Pirate Door and Windows

We have a pirate door and two windows just for you. Are you ready to walk through and experience an incredible time on the high seas?
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Pirate Signs

Yaarg matey, what will your pirate sign say? Find them here and begin creating.
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Pirate Paper Dolls

Take these incredible pirate paper dolls on your adventure at sea.
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Pirate Ships

It’s going to take a ship to get sailing, find one here.
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Pirate Island

When you’re ready to start searching for the lost fairy treasure, find an island and begin your search.
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