Celebrate Easter in Fairy Land with Eliza the Easter Fairy

Teelie Turner released her magical Easter book Eliza the Easter Fairy. Eliza is struggling to get all the Easter eggs painted and decorated in time for the holidays. She receives help from some special fairies, her bunnies, and a duck. But Eliza is frantic as she’s about to reveal to her new fairy friends a little secret about Easter eggs that only she knows. Eliza describes herself as an ordinary fairy who is blonde, wears green shoes turned up at the toe, pink polka-dot leggings, and a dress in shades of pink and green. She has a permanent paint smear on her cheek and no matter what she does, it refuses to come off. There is so much more that we could tell you about this magnificent book, but we don’t want to take away from the magic held within its pages.

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There’s another very important fairy that every fairy friend in Tommy Tinker’s world must meet: Eliza the Easter Fairy. As the Fairy Kingdom’s Master Artist for Easter Eggs, she’s facing her own uniquely colorful challenge. She has to do a whole lot of Easter egg painting this year! The Fairy Headquarters have assigned her to run a school that will train young eager fairy artists in the careful, magical art of painting Easter eggs. Soon, she will be showing them how to weave Easter magic with every swirl of the brush and dip into the paint. Meet this blonde, green-shoed, polka-dot-wearing fairy who’s up for the most colorful Easter task in the Kingdom, along with her small class of artists, her adorable magical bunny artists, and even one very clever Easter duck more than willing to make this holiday an enchanting one.Long-time book author and artist Teelie Turner introduces this lovely new fairy into the sprawling world of Tommy Tinker and the many fairy friends he has in the kingdom. Eliza the Easter fairy is just the first in a series of holiday-themed fairies that aim to bring an extra special magic into every wonderful holiday celebration of the year, with their very own line of merchandise for fairy fans to enjoy!

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This year, Eliza is offering us even more, a magic experience to go along with the story.

Eliza the Easter Fairy now has party props including magical Easter hair, and Easter bonnets, paper bunnies, paper fairy windows and doors, and a miniature fairy garden available for your enjoyment. All of these are available as a digital download, so you won’t have to wait to enjoy the magic of Easter with Eliza. Gather your children, or adults who are children at heart and plan a special celebration with Eliza. You can enjoy reading or listening to Eliza’s story, and then acting it out or creating your own Easter fun with all of our magical props.

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