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Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. We are looking forward to introducing you to some amazing fairies this week. We’re going to be exploring their fascinating and thrilling Fairy Land careers.

Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy™ Hardcover Journal

Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy

Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy has one of the most delicious jobs in Fairy Land. She’s the ice cream fairy as this brings joy to all who know her. You can see her picture on the hardcover journal above. Learn more here.

Stacia the St. Patrick’s Day Fairy™ Pet Bandana

Stacia the St. Patrick’s Day Fairy

Stacia the St. Patrick’s Day Fairy loves the month of March, especially March 17th. Each year, she is responsible for decorating the magical St. Patrick’s Day float for the parade. She also tends to a special field of four-leaf clovers. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll see her wearing green. She loves celebrating her Irish heritage and sharing it with Fairy Land. You’ll find her above on a pet bandana because St. Patrick’s Day isn’t only a holiday for fairies and humans. Learn more here.

Wendy The Weather Fairy Throw Pillow

Wendy the Weather Fairy

Wendy the Weather Fairy is one of Fairy Land’s magical weather fairies. Wendy recently became well known because of a mishap that occurred with a winter storm. She’s still learning and was a bit overzealous. However, she’s learned from her mistakes and is looking forward to continuing her career as a weather fairy and making a difference. Wendy loves the throw pillow that has her picture on it. Learn more here.

You can also learn about Wendy in Teelie Turner’s book Tommy Tinker and the Snowed In Castle. The book trailer is below.


Bubba The Head Candy Taster Fairy™ Art Board Print

Bubba the Head Candy Taster Fairy

Bubba does extremely important work in Fairy Land. He is the head candy taster at the fairy candy factory. He is also a talented baker. Fairies absolutely love sweets. You can find Bubba’s picture on an artboard print. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Valentine Romantic Collection™ Mouse Pad

Felicia the Fairy Book Club Fairy

Felicia is the Fairy Book Club Fairy. She is responsible for reading and sharing each book that Teelie Turner writes with a magical fairy audience. The book club is also available to human children and their families. Felicia is wearing one of her Valentine’s outfits on the desk pad above. Learn more here.

 You can learn more about the Magical Fairy Book Club in this video.


The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Tote Bag

Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy

Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy is always sailing the seas and helping out where there’s a need. The tote bag above has a picture of Pirate Pete from his adventure with King Neptune. It was a fantastic adventure where he helped to save King Neptune’s daughter Princess Pearl, who King Neptune refers to as his Pearl of the Sea. Learn more about the tote bag here.

Gigi Sparkles in Pink™ Water Bottle

Gigi the Chic Fairy

Gigi the Chic Fairy has an incredible job in Fairy Land. She works as a fashion designer and also does good deeds. She loves all the opportunities that she has including being the ambassador for her Chic Kids Club which has free activities for children and their families. Find her water bottle here.

Felicitae The Flower Fairy™ Coasters (Set of 4)

Felicitae the Flower Fairy

Felicitae the Flower Fairy has one of the largest responsibilities of the entire fairy kingdom-other than the Queen that is. Once a flower sprouts a baby flower fairy is born and Felicitae is responsible for caring for them. See her on a set of four coasters above. Learn more here.

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