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Felicia Shares The Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club Giveaway

Welcome to Felicia the Fairy’s Magical Book Club! Our mission is to help kids of all ages explore their imaginations and embark on magical adventures. Each week, we host a 5 Free Paperback Giveaway to give parents and children an opportunity to think outside the box and introduce them to otherworldly creatures from our magical fairy world! Be one of the first five people to enter your name and email for a chance to win one of Teelie Turner’s beautiful books!

The Cinco de Mayo Catalog

Hello and welcome to the Fiesta! My name is Rosita, and I am the Fiesta Fairy. The reason fairy headquarters named me the head of the fiesta department for fairyland is that I put on fantastic parties.

Eliza the Easter Fairy Giveaway

Eliza the Easter Fairy is back to offer you more magical fun this year. Teelie Turner is giving away ten paperback or eBook copies (depending on the country where you live).

Hope The Magical Easter Basket Fairy Giveaway

Teelie Turner is giving away ten paperback or eBook copies of this adorable fairy book (depending on the country where you live).

Magical Fairy Book Reviewers

All you need to do to become a magical reviewer is to be one of the first 25 to sign up by providing us with your name and e-mail address so that we can send you the magical book that you’ll be reviewing.

Pirate Pete Giveaway

Enter now for a chance to win a Pirate Treasure Excavation Kit.

Surprise Fairy Giveaway

Enter now for your chance to win something amazing in the Weekly Surprise Giveaways.

Felicia The Fairy Book Club Giveaway

Enter Now For A Chance To Win Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy Throw Pillow Cover.