Great Cookbooks for Summertime

Hello and thank you for coming back to read this week’s Teelie Turner Author Blog. This week we decided to look for some great summertime cookbooks that you might enjoy. Reading and cooking are both an adventure, and they should both be enjoyed on a regular basis.

1. Complete Summer Cookbook
The Complete Summer Cookbook: Beat the Heat with 500 Recipes that Make the Most of Summer's Bounty
2. Barbecue Cookbook
Master of the Grill: Foolproof Recipes, Top-Rated Gadgets, Gear, & Ingredients Plus Clever Test Kitchen Tips & Fascinating Food Science
3. Outdoor Cooking
Guy on Fire: 130 Recipes for Adventures in Outdoor Cooking
4. Brunch Recipes
Beach House Brunch: 100 Delicious Ways to Start Your Long Summer Days

Complete Summer Cookbook

The first cookbook that we have for you is a complete summer cookbook. It includes five hundred recipes for warm days and enjoying the summer’s bounty. This cookbook is available on  Amazon and is written by America’s Test Kitchen.

Barbecue Cookbook

Barbecuing is a summertime activity that people look forward to all year long. We found this cookbook which was also written by America’s Test Kitchen that includes many recipes on mastering the grill. It is available on Amazon.

Outdoor Cooking

Getting to be outside and enjoy the summer weather and some great cooking is always a treat. That’s why we chose Guy Fieri’s cookbook Guy on Fire: 130 Recipes for Adventures in Outdoor Cooking. You can find it on Amazon.

Brunch Recipes

Our next cookbook choice features a hundred summer recipes for beach house brunches. And, even if you don’t live in a beach house and want to have a summer brunch, these ideas look amazing. It was written by Lei Shishak and the photographs of the scrumptious food were taken by Chau Vuong and Brent Lee. You can find this cookbook on Amazon.

1. Super Salads
Salads That Inspire: A Cookbook of Creative Salads
2. Refreshing Popsicles
Homemade Popsicle Recipes: 50 Treats for Kids (Cooking with Kids Series)
3. Delectable Desserts
Beach House Baking: An Endless Summer of Delicious Desserts
4. Collection of Summer Recipes
The Summer-Time Cookbook: 50+ Delicious Recipes for the Summer

Super Salads

Salads are a great option for the summertime, especially if you have your own garden or can go to a local market to get produce. Salads that Inspire: A Cookbook of Creative Salads was written by Rockridge Press. It can be found on Amazon.

Refreshing Popsicles

Refreshing popsicles are a great treat and kids will especially love them. We found a recipe book that featured fifty recipes. It was written by Debbie Madson. Reading these recipes together can also be a great way to inspire a child to read. This recipe book is available on Amazon.

Delectable Desserts

Delicious desserts are a must in the summertime especially if you can incorporate freshly picked berries. Beach House Baking has enough dessert recipes that you can try a new one as often as you’d like during the summer. It was written by Lei Shishak and the photographs of the delectable desserts were taken by Chau Vuong. Find it on Amazon.

Collection of Summer Recipes

Our final summertime cookbook suggestion for you is a recipe book that features a collection of over fifty delicious treats. It was written by BookSumo Press and can be found on Amazon.

Thank you for joining us. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website to learn more about her work. She has also launched a contest on her Teelie’s Fairy Garden Facebook page which will allow you to help select a magical fairy or creature which will have a story written about it. Please take a second to place your vote. You can also look for us on social media and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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