Inspire Reading With Bookends for Children

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Hello Book Lovers. A few weeks ago, we shared an article about livening up your bookcase with bookends.The choices in that article were geared towards adults. For this article, we’re sharing some bookend options which will inspire reading and the joys of literacy with children. Once you’ve discovered these bookends, please continue to explore the Teelie Turner Author site.

1. The Magic of Reading
Primitives By Kathy Unicorn bookends | Pink and White with Glitter Highlights
2. Bring a Fairy Tale Alive
Pair of Fairy Tale Bookends / Nursery Room / Children's Bookends / Made in Britain
3. Favorite Things Bookends
Personalised Gift, Kid's Wooden Tractor Bookends
4. Rare Bookend Choices
Teddy Bear Bookends

The Magic of Reading

A child’s bookends should inspire them and make their imagination run wild. These cute and sparkly unicorn bookends are a wonderful option for giving children a magical perspective. They can be found on Amazon.

Bring a Fairy Tale Alive

Our next pair of bookends echo sentiments at the start and finish of many children’s stories. Written in beautiful black or white writing, they read ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The End.’ They can be found on Etsy.

Favorite Things Bookends

When looking at which bookends to choose for a child’s bedroom or playroom, consider choosing a thing which your child likes. The link because a child’s favorite items and reading can be helpful in showing children the joys of reading. You can find a pair of bookends with tractors on them at Etsy.

Rare Bookend Choices

Choosing rare bookends is a fun way to create a unique look for your child’s bookcase. We located vintage bookends with teddy bears on them on Etsy. They are so adorable.

1. Dinosaur Bookends
T-Rex - Dinosaur Bookends - 3D Printed - Book Storage - Nursery Decor - Children's Bedroom
2. Animal Themed Bookends
Fox Bookends, Orange and Aqua Blue, Woodland Nursery, Woodland Kids Decor, Children's Bookends, Fox Nursery, Forest Themed Nursery
3. Rocket Ship Bookends
Rocket Shape Pair of Bookends
4. Hobby Themed Bookends
Pink ballerina,ballet bookends

Dinosaur Bookends

Many children love dinosaurs making them a great choice to have on bookends. We saw a pair of 3D printed T-Rex bookends that we’re sure many children would love. They’re available on Etsy.

Animal Themed Bookends

Animals are another wonderful choice to have on bookends. There are endless possibilities, but we saw a pair of bookends with foxes on them that we wanted to share with you. They can be found on Etsy.

Rocket Ship Bookends

Rocket ships are another fun choice when it comes to inspiring children to read and cultivating their imagination. We located an intriguing set of rocket shaped bookends on Etsy.

Hobby Themed Bookends

Our final option for today are hobby themed bookends. There are bookends available with a wide range of children’s activities. The association of reading with a favorite activity can help to inspire reading. We found a cute pair of bookends with ballerinas on them. They are available on Etsy.

Depending on your child’s age when you decide to add bookends to a bookcase in their bedroom or playroom, you might be able to ask your child about the theme that they would like to have incorporated. Make reading a fun and inspiring activity in your family. Discovering a love of books early can help your child every day of their life. Thank you for joining us and please continue to browse the Teelie Turner Author site. New book releases are coming soon.

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