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Together We Can Make A difference

Together We Can End Crimes Against The Children

My Team and I have made a commitment to support Operation Underground Railroad

What They Do

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) has made a significant impact in the fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by assisting in rescuing and supporting thousands of survivors in 30 countries and 50 U.S. states. Our approach is adapted to geographical location, the needs of survivors, and best practices in the field.

If we all join together to support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), Small Businesses, Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, everyone that loves Children we can help O.U.R have the resources to rescue and help more children. Just imagine if the entire world would give $1.00 how it could make a difference.

Together We Can Make A Difference

At Together We Can Make a Difference, we recognize that it’s time to come together and end the exploitation of innocent children. That’s why we created the Together We Can Make a Difference Collection – with every purchase, 10% of our net sales will go directly to Operation Underground Railroad, an incredible organization fighting this growing issue.

At Together We Can Make a Difference, we truly believe in the power of collective, unified action. Instead of staying inactive, we are committed to creating tangible, positive change. By looking outward and acting with compassion, we can make a real and lasting difference.

If we stand as one, we can make a world of difference. Join us today and show your support in the fight against child exploitation. With the Together We Can Make a Difference Collection, you can look good while doing good. Shop the Together We Can Make a Difference Collection now and join us in making a positive change today. Together, we can make a difference.

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This is how We are supporting O.U.R. and how they will benefit from our efforts:
  1. We will be donating 10% of all my net sales of my digital products, including all my eBook, and 10% of the initial month of the Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club.
  1. Donating 10% of our net profit from the sales with the Product line Called “Magical Fairy Love” which includes clothing, Kids clothing, home décor’, accessories, notebooks, etc….

Magical Fairy Love

  1. The duration of the campaign is ongoing and donating quarterly
  1. Our Goal is To Donate $5,000.00
We have created a beautiful illustration of a child being kissed and watched over by the fairies in support of O.U.R.

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Wine Glass

Youth Hoodie

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Let’s Join Together To Stop Child Crimes

Join me in the fight to rescue children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization committed to ending human trafficking. O.U.R. supports rescue operations and law enforcement efforts in the U.S. and around the world. They continue to support survivors through aftercare, helping them along their healing paths. They need our help to fund investigation equipment, support services for survivors, flights to reunite survivors with their loved ones and so much more. I donate to O.U.R. because I know even the smallest efforts can make a difference. Visit to learn more about their process and mission. Join me and together, we can break the cycle.
Never Forget: We Fight For Them- 
Our Precious Children In The World- 
Nothing Else Matters! 

In the online world, there is the capacity for a much broader reach than most in-person interactions, a power that can have both positive and negative consequences. There are risks every time someone opens a browser, starts a new chat, or downloads a new game. Online safety is about educating children and teens to help them navigate those risks and know when to talk to someone they trust.

The Sound Of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom is a powerful documentary that brings to light the heartbreaking stories of thousands of children around the world who are victims of human trafficking. This thought-provoking film follows Tim Ballard, (played by Jim Caviezel) the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, as he shares his mission of rescuing these children and making sure justice is served.

The Sound of Freedom encourages viewers to take action and make a difference. We all have the power to join this fight against child slavery and stop these horrendous human rights abuses. With great compassion, Tim Ballard’s heroic story inspires hope and motivates us to fight for the future of these innocent children.

Watching The Sound of Freedom is an action in itself—one that will open your eyes to the devastating effects of human trafficking and remind you of the power and importance of community. Let us come together and raise awareness of this issue, support organizations like Operation Underground Railroad, and save the lives of countless innocent children around the world. It is time to take a stand and make a difference. The Sound of Freedom gives you the opportunity to be part of the solution and speak out against child slavery.

We are Donating 10% of our net profit from the sales with the Product line Called “Magical Fairy Love” which includes clothing, Kids clothing, home décor’, accessories, notebooks, etc. or you can donate directly.

The Goal is to get 2 million people to watch this documentary! See the theaters it is playing in and learn how you can watch it also!