Felicia's Over The Rainbow Collection

Take your love of all things mystical, magical, and fairy-filled, and jump over the rainbow with Felicia’s Over The Rainbow Collection! This collection is full of whimsical products that will tickle your imagination and take you on a dreamy journey. From practical gifts like journals for jotting down ideas to fun items like home décor’, and t-shirts for babies, adults, and even pets (because no family member should be left out!) – you’ll feel like you’re one of Felicia’s very special guests each time you step into her fairy kingdom. Whether it’s a gift to someone else or just something to brighten up your day, Felicia’s Over The Rainbow Collection has something for every fairy lover! So go ahead, step over the rainbow with Felicia, and let the magic flow!

Magical Products

Felicia's Over The Rainbow
Magical Poster

Channel your inner Fairy with Felicia’s Over The Rainbow Poster! This magical item is sure to bring a smile to any fairy lover’s face. With two printing options – glossy or matte finish – this poster is sure to capture vibrant details and a stunning color palette. And don’t worry if you’re not the most skilled at printing; our step-by-step instructions will make even a rookie look like a pro! Whether you choose glossy for a little bit of extra sparkle, or matte for a more subtle look, this poster will be the perfect addition to your home. So don’t wait, go ahead and let yourself get caught up in felicity – with Felicia’s Over The Rainbow Poster!

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