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It’s time to enjoy some magic and enjoy a virtual outing with your Wee Folk friends. They’d love to see you create a special fairy garden for Christmas and have assembled a wide variety of miniatures to help you out.  Also, some fairy gardens are created using craft supplies. Depending on the products use, these might work better as interior gardens. It will also depend if there are real plants used, as the water these plants use could damage glue etc. The most important thing for you to remember when creating your fairy garden is to have fun and enjoy the creation process. There are so many options for creating a magical fairy garden, including turning it into a fantastic family project or something to do with friends.

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Teelie Turner

Author, Artist, Business Mentor/Coach and Designer. Additionally, Teelie is the proud Founder of the Teelie Turner brand, along with these other Brands: The Gentleman Pirate, Tommy Tinker, Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy, Coach Magnet, and even Sexy Anti-Aging. It’s safe to say that she has had numerous business ventures—primarily in the realms of publishing, merchandising, electronic commerce, and the fairy garden industry.

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