Fall In Love With Our Fall Fairies And Fairy Products

Jump with joy for fall. Celebrate autumn in Fairy Land with our favorite fall fairies. Discover their magical products for autumn and Halloween including aprons, clothing, books and more. The fairies cannot wait for you to spend time exploring with them. So, let’s flap our wings and get started.

The Fall Fairy

I’m so excited for you to finally be able to read this beautiful story about me, Feebie the Fall Fairy. Teelie Turner wrote it about it and I love how the story captures everything that I love about my life. The illustrations are also magical. Instead of rambling on, I’m going to let you get to the story. Enjoy.

Faylin the Fall Fairy

Hi, my name is Faylin the fall fairy! I’m so happy you stop by so I can tell you how I became the fall fairy. You see I have quite a knack for decorating for the fall season and fairy headquarters recognize my talent, so they put me in charge of fall in the fairy kingdom. I’ve done such an amazing job that they gave me an added assignment which includes Thanksgiving and I do love Thanksgiving so much. If you should need my assistance in decorating your fairy garden for fall/Thanksgiving just ring a bell three times and I will appear to give you a helping hand. Also please view my amazing line of personalize fairy products-I’m very proud of my new fall line!

Oak Goldtree
My Fairy Calling

Hello, my name is Oak Goldtree and I’m looking forward to watching you read this beautiful story that Teelie Turner wrote about me. I can’t wait for you to learn who I am, and how I use my magic in Fairy Land. I’m also looking for my fairy job, maybe you can help me think of the perfect one.

Felicia's Shimmering Fall Collection!

If you’re looking for something special this autumn, look no further than Felicia’s Shimmering Fall Collection! Our lovely Felicia is decked out in a beautiful yellow sparkly satin dress and matching shoes, perfect for playing in the pumpkin and mushroom fields of autumn. She also comes with a collector’s poster, so you can start your own wall of Felicia. But that is not all she has to offer! Her complete line of products includes notebooks, aprons, home décor, stickers, coffee mugs, pet products, and more! Stop by and let her know how much you love her work!