Feebie The Fall Fairy

Learn all about Feebie the Fall Fairy and why she loves autumn in this fun and engaging story. Feebie is a beloved character who loves everything about the autumn season, from the food she gets to eat to the activities she enjoys. Your whole family will enjoy this heartwarming story about why Feebie loves Fall so much.
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I’m so excited for you to finally be able to read this beautiful story about me, Feebie the Fall Fairy. Teelie Turner wrote it about it and I love how the story captures everything that I love about my life. The illustrations are also magical. Instead of rambling on, I’m going to let you get to the story. Enjoy.
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Learn about Feebie the Fall Fairy and why she loves autumn including what she does, the food she loves to eat and the activities that she enjoys about this season. This is an amazing story that your whole family can enjoy.