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Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure is more than just a book, it is a whole experience created for your magical enjoyment by Teelie Turner. Imagine reading a book and then going on an incredible adventure of your own to pretend to be the characters within the book. We have created a vast assortment of paper items available as digital downloads to help you do this. Imagine planning a pirate themed birthday party and being able to offer this magical experience to those in attendance. There are party props, paper dolls, a pirate ship, door and windows, signs, and an island to help you accomplish this mission. 


Hi, my name is Pirate Pete and I’m a fairy pirate. I’m looking forward to you learning more about me in Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure. In this magical book, you’ll get a chance to read about some of the work that I do on the seas. The illustrations are amazing too. You’ll also get to learn about one particular adventure I was on where I helped to rescue a magical fairy treasure that couldn’t fall into the hands of the non-fairy pirates. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my brother Peppin, a mermaid named Mercinda or a sea fairy named Purnella. I could keep talking but instead I’ll let you read this magical story which was written by Teelie Turner.

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Pirate Pete Miniatures

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Pirate Island

When you’re ready to start searching for the lost fairy treasure, find an island and begin your search.
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Pirate Pete Miniature Fairy Garden

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My children love this product so much. They were so thrilled to dig and to find all the gold coins and gems and put it inside their treasure chest. It was a perfect activity for our family

Pirate Pete Giveaway!

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The Drawing Will be on MAY 27,2021

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Pirate Pete Giveaway!

Enter now For a chance to win a Pirate Treasure Excavation Kit

The Drawing will be on May 27,2021
*For USA Residents Only