Amazing Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy's Adventures All in One Place

Enjoy all of Pirate Pete the Pirate Fairy’s adventures in one place with this magical place where you can sail the seas with him, and learn about all the books in the series that Teelie Turner wrote about him.

Pirate Pete Book Series

Pirate Pete I

The Adventures of Pirate Pete and Lost Fairy Treasure

Pirate Pete II

The Adventures of Pirate Pete and King Neptune

Pirate Pete III

The Adventures of Pirate Pete The Mermaid Wedding

Pirate Pete I

The Adventures of Pirate Pete and Lost Fairy Treasure

Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure is more than just a book, it is a whole experience created for your magical enjoyment by Teelie Turner. Imagine reading a book and then going on an incredible adventure of your own to pretend to be the characters within the book. We have created a vast assortment of paper items available as digital downloads to help you do this. Imagine planning a pirate themed birthday party and being able to offer this magical experience to those in attendance. There are party props, paper dolls, a pirate ship, door and windows, signs, and an island to help you accomplish this mission.
Pirate Pete II

Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune

Do you have a little one who loves pirates? Then they’re sure to adore the new book in the Adventures of Pirate Pete series, Pirate Pete and King Neptune. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of how Pete rescues Princess Pearl from the evil Sea Witch and two Nasty Pirates.

Your child will love following along as Pete uses his clever wit and resourcefulness to save the day. They’ll be cheering him on every step of the way! And they’ll adore the delightful mermaids who help Pete in his quest.

This is a perfect bedtime story that the whole family will enjoy. Happy Sailing!

Pirate Pete Digital Downloads

Party Props

It’s time to have a pirate party and we have all the party props you need.
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Pirate Door and Windows

We have a pirate door and two windows just for you. Are you ready to walk through and experience an incredible time on the high seas?
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Pirate Signs

Yaarg matey, what will your pirate sign say? Find them here and begin creating.
Buy Now $3.99

Pirate Island

Ahoy matey! Spend time on Pirate Pete's magical island. Celebrate with the fairies and your friends! Take adorable Fun pirate island to remember your special Day!
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Pirate Ship

Pete Pete's magical ship is waiting for you in the harbor. Climb aboard to enjoy a magical adventure. Take photos of your time at sea and make the most of every moment of your fun imaginative experience.
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Pirate Dolls

Pirate Pete wants you to join him in having some pirate fun. Grab your props and join the celebration.Take adorable Fun Photos to remember your special Day!
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Pirate Pete Instant Fairy Garden, Digital Download

NEW-Exclusive Digital Download Instant Fairy Garden! What a great project for the family, birthday party, DIY and end up with a beautiful Pirate Pete’s fairy garden! Simply purchase, download, and cut out and you will have an instant fairy garden you can arrange and add special extra fairy goodies you can get in our Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop!

Pirate Pete Miniature Fairy Garden

Arr Matey-The Free
Pirate Pete' Pirate Poem

Ahoy there! Looking for a swashbuckling addition to your pirate-themed celebration? Pirate Pete’s Pirate Poem has everyone walking the plank, hopping on board and ready to sail the high seas! This fun and witty poem offers something different for any event or gathering – capturing all things pirate-inspired from parrots to locked treasures. Perfect for kids’ birthday parties, school activities or even adults, this humorous take on classic pirate folklore is sure to add life (and laughs!) to your gathering. Pirate Pete’s Pirate Poem brings the charm of the Caribbean without having to brave the dangerous New World waters – perfect for those searching for a bit of safe land adventure with real pirate flair. So grab your favorite eye patch and set sail on an unforgettable float with Pirate Pete!