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Magical New Year's Wishes from Fairy Land

The fairies along with their friend Teelie Turner and the entire Teelie’s
team would like to wish you a magical new year. We hope that you
continue to find magic and fairy dust throughout 2022.

Magical Holiday Wishes from Your Fairy Friends

It’s holiday time in Fairy Land. We hope that you’ve enjoyed spending
Christmas with the fairies. Fairy Merry, Holly, Gigi and all their magical
friends are so glad that you’ve been able to join us.

Christmas in Fairy Land With Tommy Tinker, Gigi the Chic Fairy and their Friends

Enjoy some magical activities in Fairy Land with Tommy Tinker, the
tinkerer fairy who loves the holidays, Gigi the Chic Fairy and all their
friends. They have some magical plans for you this holiday season.
You don’t want to miss out on the magic and fairy dust.

Christmas is Quickly Approaching in Fairy Land

Read this week’s magical fairy blogs and have a look at the freebies that they have to offer you. Join them next week to see how their preparations are continuing. The fairies hope that you’re having an incredible time with your own preparations.
Don’t forget to enjoy the magic.

Our Magical Book Giveaways!

We want to give you a brief overview of our magical book giveaways. For each book, we have ten paperback copies available as well as twenty-five audiobooks which we want to put in the hands of readers who will enjoy our magical stories.

Meet Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy!

Discover the magic of Fairy Land with Teelie Turner’s new book ‘Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy’.

25% Off All Christmas Goodies For The Rest Of July!

Hello Fairy, Dollhouse & Miniature Friends! Christmas In July Is Here – and we are offering 25% OFF on all Christmas goodies for the rest of July! Join the Celebration!!

Celebrate Christmas in July with these Amazing Surprises

The fairies in the Fairy Kingdom are busy preparing for the Christmas in July celebration and they have created some special surprises to share with you.

Amazing Fairy Catalogs and Guides

The fairies in the Fairy Kingdom are busy preparing for the 4th of July and they have created some special surprises to share with you like their magical Patriotic Patsy Instant Fairy Garden.

Father’s Day is a few weeks away, this week I’m going to be showing
you some fantastic fairy homes that dads will love.

Enjoy Mother’s Day Magic with Mariane

Mariane the Mother’s Day Fairy is the representative for all mothers in Fairy Land. She is pleased to meet you and share some Mother’s Day magic with you.

Rosita Newsletter

It’s Fiesta time in Fairy Land. Join Rosita the Fiesta Fairy as she celebrates Cinco de Mayo.