Felicia's Christmas Surprise Collection

Christmas is almost here and that means it’s time to get your hands on Felicia’s Christmas Surprise Collection! If you want your festive season to be chock-full of enchantment and joy, this collection is perfect for creating a whimsical Christmas atmosphere.

Felicia the fairy has her delicate wings spread wide over a wide range of products featuring her image so you can share the festive cheer with family and friends. There are t-shirts in sizes small enough for babies and up to adult sizes, so everyone can enjoy a little bit of magic this Christmas. Not only that, there are also cozy leggings, comfy socks, cute journals, decorations for your home, posters you can hang anywhere, and pet products – because why should Fido or Fluffy miss out on all the celebrations?

Fairy fun doesn’t have to end with Christmas too. Felicia’s charm is timeless and therefore so is her collection. Whether you purchase it as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special, every item from the collection screams sparkles and sweetness from every angle. Get yours now before they all disappear!

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Felicia's Christmas Surprise
Magical Poster

Introducing the newest and most exciting addition to Teelie Turner’s Magical Felicia poster collection – Felicia’s Christmas Surprise Poster! Picture this: Felicia, the club’s beloved ambassador, is so excited she has just popped out of a Christmas teacup in this cheerful and delightful poster to spread holiday cheer. Now you can instantly transform any room into a magical Christmas paradise and bring your fairy dreams to life with this one-of-a-kind poster. Plus, it makes an amazing gift for any fairy lover!

This sensational digital download is available as soon as you purchase it and you can use a choice of glossy or mat paper to download your poster, for all your home décor needs. Add your favorite frame for an extra touch of magic or hang it as is on any wall you please. Of course, there will be no watermark on the download, so enjoy without interruption.

It’s time to plan your ultimate Christmas surprise – why not start with this stunning Felicia poster? Get into that festive mood and get ready to start your merriest holiday season yet!

Felicia's Christmas Surprise
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