Beautiful Ornament Tree Featuring Teelie Turner’s Book Fairies

Welcome to Teelie Turner Author.  We’ve been sharing blog posts that feature Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy’s enchanted ornaments. This week we’re going to also share some ornaments that belong to other fairies that Teelie Turner has written books about. This magical fairy will tell you more about this week’s beautiful discovery.


The Listening Fairy Circle Ornament

The Listening Fairy ornament is stunning. The green background compliments Laqueta Latore’s dress and red hair as she sits in a magnificent tree enjoying a book. The added touches of magic in the illustration are also enchanted. Learn more here.

Arcenciel The Rainbow Fairy Circle Ornament

Arcenciel the Rainbow Fairy ornament is beautiful. Arcenciel which means rainbow in French is surrounded by a colorful rainbow and some fluffy clouds on the adorable ornament. Learn more here.

Fidget’s Magical Butterflies Heart Ornament

The Fidget’s Magical Butterflies Ornament comes from Teelie Turner’s book Fidget’s Fairy Tale. In this story, Fidget’s full name is Fidget Catglitter and she is the protector of animals. This ornament is shaped like a heart and the colors are stunning. Learn more here.

Tricks On Fairy’s Wings Circle Ornament

On this Tricks on Fairy’s Wings ornament, you’ll find Feather Peppershimmer, known more often to her friends as Mitzi. She’s a fairy who tends to get into mischief until one day she finds the perfect job. Learn more here.

Wendy The Weather Fairy Star Ornaments

Wendy the Weather Fairy can be found in the Tommy Tinker and the Snowed in Castle book. This is a holiday/winter story but with Christmas in July coming up, we thought it was a good time to enjoy it. In this book, Wendy is new to her job and has an issue sending down the right amount of snow, causing fairies to be snowed in at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker And The Snowed In Castle Circle Ornament

On this ornament, we find Tommy Tinker from the Tommy Tinker and the Snowed in Castle book. Tommy Tinker helps King Henry and Queen Olivia take control of the situation and give the fairies who are snowed in a magical experience. Learn more here.

Felicia Shares The Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club Heart Ornament

On this ornament, we find a picture of Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy from Teelie Turner’s latest book about her. In Felicia Shares the Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club, Felicia helps to showcase many of Teelie Turner’s books. In the illustration, you can see Felicia surrounded by many of the storybooks. Learn more here.

Serena and the Sugar Plum Fairy Solution Heart Ornament

On this beautiful ornament, you’ll find Serena the Sugar Plum Fairy surrounded by sugarplums and treats that can be made from them. There are two books in the Serena the Sugar Plum series. Serena’s job is to ensure that there are enough sugarplums for them to dance around children’s heads on Christmas Eve. Learn more here.

Thank you for spending time with Teelie Turner Author. We hope that you have been inspired to allow the magic of Teelie Turner’s books to fill your home in a decorative way. If you have any questions about her magnificent ornaments, don’t hesitate to ask. Teelie and her team are always willing to help.

You can also learn more about Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club in this video.



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