Discover A New Fairy Kingdom With Iaada And Felicia

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There’s a brand new Teelie Turner Author book available and you’ll have the chance to discover a newfound fairy kingdom.     

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Join Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy and Iaada the International Fairy when they set out to enjoy each others’ company at a picnic and find something they hadn’t expected, through a hidden passageway in a talking tree. Visit the book page for this brand new release by Teelie Turner to learn about the enchanted pieces of merchandise, discover amazing discounts featuring the book and a number of bonuses.

These magical coasters come in a set of four and feature Iaada the International Fairy and a bunny. You’ll have to read the book to learn about the significance of the rabbit in the story. It is extremely magical.

Send your friends or families an enchanted greeting card that has Iaada the International Fairy and Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on it. There is also an adorable pet bunny. These two fairies and their rabbit friend live extremely busy lives. They discover a mystery in this story. Will it make them busier in the future?

Add some magical fairy décor to your surroundings with this acrylic block that features Iaada, Felicia and their bunny friend on it. This artistic piece is available in two sizes and can fit in a number of places in your home.

These magical button pins are filled with possibilities. There are two different sizes available. This one features Felicia and Iaada looking through a book to see how they might rebuild the magical kingdom.

There are two kinds of tote bags available with this amazing Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy design of her hugging a rabbit. One is on a cotton tote bag as shown above. The other is an all over print on a turquoise background.

This design features Iaada and Felicia with the magical talking tree. We’re showing it to you on a beautiful pet mat. This one is shaped like a bone and is meant for a dog. You can also get a cat mat that is shaped like a fish.

This beautiful throw pillow features Iaads and Felicia with the talking tree. The throw pillow is a great option for adding some beauty and comfort to your surroundings. You can get it as the pillow and cover or just the cover.

Come back and see us again next week. We’ll going to be looking at some magical miniatures that include books. 

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