Discover the Magic of Ireland With Tommy Tinker

Discover The Magic Of Ireland With Tommy Tinker

Thank you for joining us this week. Teelie Turner Author has another exciting announcement to make. Teelie Turner’s newest book release will be Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. It will be available within the next few days. However, in the meantime, we’d like to share some of the magical merchandise which belong to Tommy Tinker and his niece Susan. These eight items and numerous others are available in the Teelie Turner Redbubble collection.  Overall, there are more than one hundred fairies featured, most of which have over sixty items in their collections.

We also think that you’ll enjoy this video about Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland.


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Tommy Tinker’s Magical Clothing

Tommy Tinker has numerous items of clothing in his collection including t-shirts and sweatshirts for the entire family to enjoy. The clothes can be found in many different colors and sizes. There are even adorable clothes for babies. We decided to show you a green essential T-shirt featuring Tommy Tinker at his toadstool bench. Find it here.

Incredible Fairy Aprons

The fairies also have incredible aprons in their collection of merchandise. These magical aprons aren’t only useful when it comes to cooking, but also for gardening, painting, and doing crafts. We decided to share an apron with Tommy Tinker and his niece Susan standing in front of their mushroom house. You’ll learn more about Tommy and Susan’s amazing journey to Ireland in Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. Find this apron and many others that feature Tommy Tinker, Susan, and their friends here.

Exclusive Fairy Face Masks

Teelie Turner’s merchandise collection also includes numerous fairy face masks featuring her exclusive collection of fairies. Different models and sizes of the mask are available. Full details are available on Redbubble. We decided to show you a fairy face mask with Susan enjoying a magical day.

Travel Light With Tommy and Susan

Since Tommy Tinker and Susan travel in Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland, we decided that it would be fitting to show you a backpack featuring Tommy and Susan. It’s great for school or for traveling light. Find it here.

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Write With Susan

Susan is seen sitting in a tree on this incredible spiral notebook. We’d like to invite you to write with her. Let your lists, thoughts, and dreams flow onto the paper. Find Susan’s notebook and those of all her fairy friends here.

Relax and Enjoy With Tommy Tinker Coasters

Tommy Tinker also has coasters in his collection of merchandise. We decided to show you the set of four that has him back at his toadstool workbench. Tommy is a tinkerer fairy, so it means he’s always fixing something. But, as a fairy, he requires more than a set of tools, he also needs fairy dust and ingenuity. Tommy also likes to take time to relax. The coasters are great for taking a break and enjoying a beverage and sweet treat. Find these magical coasters here.

Fantastic Fairy Stickers

Tommy and Susan are also featured on some amazing stickers. There are different sizes and finishes available for these fantastic stickers. We chose to share the ones featuring Tommy and Susan surrounded by nature. Find them here.

Decorate With Tommy and Susan

The final item that we wanted to show you for today was a mounted print of Tommy and Susan in front of their mushroom house. There are several options for artwork in the fairies’ collection of merchandise including metal and framed prints. Full details are available on Redbubble.

Thank you for visiting Teelie Turner Author. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Teelie Turner’s magical collection of merchandise with us. Stay tuned for news from us as to when Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland will be released. We’d also like to invite you to follow us on social media.

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