Enjoy The Latest In The Magical Pirate Pete Series

This week Teelie Turner Author cannot  wait to share the newest Pirate Pete book in her incredible fairy series with you. There is also an enchanted collection of clothing and accessories to accompany this latest book.

To get you back to sailing the seas, we’ll start by showing you the book trailer from the first Pirate Pete book which was titled The Adventures of Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure. You can learn more about this book here. 


The Adventures of Pirate Pete and King Neptune

The Newest Pirate Pete Book

It’s the perfect time to discover a new Teelie Turner book. The latest book in the Pirate Pete series has been released. It is called The Adventures of Pirate Pete and King Neptune. The description for this enchanted read says, “Join clever Pirate Pete as he sets out to rescue Princess Pearl from the evil Sea Witch and her two Nasty Pirates. With the help of the mermaids, Pete triumphs in this action-packed story that is sure to enchant readers of all ages. King Neptune is a loving father who will stop at nothing to protect his daughter. His bravery and determination are an inspiration to us all.” Learn more here.

Here is the magical book trailer for this story.


The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Pet Bowl

Pet Bowl

Pirate Pete looks incredible on this pet bowl. The pet bowl would work great on Pirate Pete’s boat. He could keep food for his parrot in it. Learn more about this bowl here.

 The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Water Bottle

Stay Hydrated

While on a ship, it is essential to ensure that enough fresh water is available as you won’t want to drink the ocean’s salt water. Pirate Pete is glad that there is a new water bottle available with an image from the newest book that Teelie Turner wrote about him on it. It makes it easy for him to stay hydrated at all times. Find Pirate Pete’s water bottle here.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Bucket Hat

Enjoy Some Shade

If you’re sailing and going to be sitting out under the sun for most of the day, it is important to have a good sun hat. These bucket hats with Pirate Pete’s picture on them could be a great idea. The hats come in several different colors. The navy blue one is pictured above. Learn more here.

 The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Coasters (Set of 4)

Pirate Adventure Souvenirs

Souvenirs are always fun to have from a trip. These coasters with Pirate Pete’s image on the are also extremely beautiful. They’d be a perfect gift for someone or a memento from your seafaring trip with Pirate Pete. The coasters come in sets of four. Find them here.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Shower Curtain

Go Sailing at Home

If you’re unable to board a pirate ship, you can enjoy your own adventure at home in your bathtub. Install a Pirate Pete shower curtain to help make the experience even more magical. It is available here.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Jigsaw Puzzle

Game Night With Pirate Pete

Enjoy time with family and friends while you assemble a beautiful Pirate Pete puzzle. Puzzle sizes vary between thirty and one thousand pieces. This means there is an option for everyone. Learn more here.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And King Neptune Toddler Pullover Hoodie

Clothing for the Whole Family

As you browse through the Pirate Pete collection of clothing, you’ll be able to find comfortable options for the whole family. We decided to show you the toddler pullover hoodie. Various sizes and color choices are available. Learn more here.

Thank you for spending time with Teelie Turner Author and Pirate Pete. We hope you’ve enjoyed your seafaring journey with us. Please come back again soon.

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The Adventures Of Pirate Pete and The Lost Fairy Treasure

Discover our magical collection of books here. 

Enjoy a magical book trailer.


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