Remarkably Amazing Easter Outfits For Your Children

Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. We can’t wait to share some amazing clothing choices with you for your children to enjoy at Easter. All our choices are based on our books.

Eliza The Easter Fairy Flower Wreath™ Baby One-Piece

This adorable baby one-piece featuring Eliza the Easter Fairy with a wreath around her is enchanted. It is available in several sizes and colors. Learn more here.

Easter Honey Bunny Love™ Kids T-Shirt

These lovely bunnies are circled with love on this kids’ t-shirt  is available in several colors and sizes. These bunnies are inspired by the Eliza the Easter Fairy books. Learn more here.

Henry The Magical Duck™ Baby T-Shirt

Henry the Duck is Eliza the Easter Fairy’s pet duck, and his t-shirt comes in several sizes including for babies. There are several amazing background colors to choose from. Learn more here.

Learn more in this enchanted Eliza the Easter Fairy book trailer.


Hope the Magical Easter Basket Fairy-Pretty In Pink™ Baby One-Piece

Hope the Magical Easter Basket Fairy is one of Teelie Turner’s amazing books. Hope is also found on some incredible pieces of clothing like this long sleeve onesie for babies. In this design, Hope is carrying around her Easter basket that has a miniature version of herself in it. Various background colors and sizes are available. Learn more here.

Easter Pink Dragon And Bunny Youth T-Shirt

Inside the Easter basket that Hope the Easter Basket Fairy will share with you in her book by Teelie Turner, there is a pink dragon and a bunny. This cute design is available on a youth t-shirt that has a black background. A sizing chart is available. Learn more here.


Adorable Easter Fairy Garden Youth Hoodie

These Easter fairy garden youth hoodies are enchanted and show what the completed fairy garden from the Hope the Easter Basket Fairy Book looks like. It is extremely magical. This youth hoodie has a black background, and a sizing chart is available. Learn more here.


Welcome To Hope’s Magical Easter Fairy Garden™ Kids Pullover Hoodie

In this adorable design, you’ll get to step inside Hope the Easter Basket Fairy’s magical fairy garden and see her pink dragon and the fairy house where she lives. We are sharing the kids’ pullover hoodie with you. There is a choice of sizes and background colors. Learn more here.



Fairy Hope In Her Magical Easter Basket™ Toddler Pullover Hoodie

This cute toddler pullover hoodie is available with a grey or dark blue background in several sizes. We love how cute Hope looks in her magical Easter basket. Learn more here.

You can watch the Hope the Magical Easter Basket Fairy book trailer too.


Thank you for spending time with us as we explored adorable outfits for children for easter. Please visit Teelie Turner Author again soon.

You can also enjoy this magical Easter video from Fairy Land.


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