Spend Time with Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That’s why we want you to spend some time with an extremely special fairy, Esperanza, the Hope, and Faith Fairy. Teelie Turner Author has a lot of magic to share with you as she introduces you to Esperanza. Come along on this magical journey with us.

Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy

A Story of Hope and Faith

Discover the amazing story of Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy as well as discovering all the freebies that she has to offer you on her book page including a sneak peek at the first chapter of the book, a sample illustration, and links to our Pinterest board and meet the author. The introduction to this magical story reads, “The Wee Folk in the Magical Kingdom know how serious the subject of breast cancer is, and they wanted to create a magical story that could help bring hope and faith to anyone who is battling this illness. That is why they created Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy. In the following pages, you’ll get to meet her and the Sutton Family. If you or someone you know is battling this illness, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.” Learn more here.

Enjoy Esperanza’s magical book trailer.


Breast Cancer Awareness Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardening for a Cause

This magical blog post that features beautiful fairy gardens which are all pretty in pink to commemorate breast cancer awareness month will give you some ideas if you’d like to create your own special pink fairy garden. When creating a fairy garden, the important thing to remember is that you can allow your creativity to run wild. Everything we’re showing you are ideas, and you can mix and match and choose your own accessories to make it completely your own. Find the blog post here.

Meet Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy™ Spiral Notebook

Esperanza’s Magical Spiral Notebook

Writing down your thoughts especially if you are struggling to have hope or faith can help you to get some emotions out that you might be having difficulty expressing aloud to family, friends, or medical professionals. Esperanza’s magical spiral notebook could be an excellent tool for helping you out during a difficult time. First, it can help remind you of Esperanza’s story and the love she has for you. The pages can also be torn out which can be useful for taking to appointments, for other lists, or to toss away after you’ve had some therapeutic moments on paper that you may prefer not to read again. Find Esperanza’s notebook here.

 Meet Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy™ Jigsaw Puzzle

Enchanted Family Activity

If you have a family member or friend who is battling breast cancer and may still want to be able to do activities with you but is finding it more difficult due to the fight that they’re undergoing, doing a puzzle together might be a good option. Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy’s puzzles range from 30 to 1000 pieces. The designs are magical, and they come with a puzzle box to store the pieces in. Learn more here.

Meet Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy™ Scarf

Thoughtful and Cozy Esperanza Scarf

Wearing this beautiful scarf that features Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy can be a great way to help raise awareness about Breast Cancer. With the adorable design, it is sure to be a conversation piece with many. It can also be a thoughtful gift to someone who is dealing with breast cancer. Find the scarf here.

Join Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy In Pretty In Pink™ Sticker

Fabulous Fairy Stickers

Esperanza’s magical fairy stickers come in several different sizes and with different finishes too. Stickers are extremely versatile. You might decide to ask a child if they’d like to use some stickers to create a scrapbook page, a picture for a friend or loved one who is struggling with breast cancer, or any other issue where they might need some extra hope and faith in their life. The stickers can also be added to paper lunch bags for an outdoor picnic or other special events. Learn more here.

Join Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy In Pretty In Pink™ Comforter

Cozy Esperanza Comforter

The Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy comforter is available in several different sizes. This is one way to help bring some hope, faith, and cheer to someone who has or is going through breast cancer or any other challenge where Esperanza’s presence could bring some good vibes into their lives. More information is available here.

Join Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy In Pretty In Pink™ Throw Pillow

Comforting Throw Pillow

The throw pillow can be used to accent a room, and also be comfortable. Sometimes just being able to hug a pillow can help someone when they are struggling with difficult situations in their lives. Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy’s presence can be comforting, especially when someone is aware of her story and the work that she does in Fairy Land. Find Esperanza’s throw pillow here. Floor pillows are also available.

You can also enjoy a video about the creation of a breast cancer awareness fairy garden.

Thank you for spending time with Esperanza, the Hope, and Faith Fairy. The fairies and Teelie Turner send blessings your way for hope, faith, and health. Please visit us again at Teelie Turner Author soon.

There are also several magical quotes on Esperanza’s page on Teelie Turner Author.  We hope that they can bring you some comfort, hope, and faith.

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