Statement Tees Only Book Lovers Will Relate To

There’s so much shopping to do, but there’s so little time! When you’re a book lover, you devote your time reading your current fave read. When you have a great love for reading and books, it’s only natural to show it off. It comes naturally because your love for literature will surely seep through everything that you do. Sporting statement tees to show you’re a book lover is a great way to show your love for reading.

Statement Tees for Book Lovers

We’ve found these fun and cool statement tees that only book lovers can relate to. Here are out top 10 picks.

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Sherlock Holmes Graphic Tee

You don’t need to do much sleuthing to understand what this shirt means. Sherlock Holmes fans are sure to love this cool tee. You can purchase one from Amazon.

Library Date Stamp Print V-Neck Shirt

If you’re a regular at the library, you’re familiar with this date stamp print tee. It brings you back to the old school way or borrowing library books! What’s the best part of buying this shirt? You don’t have to return it! Get one now from Amazon

24601 Les Miserables Shirt

What do these number mean? If you’re a fan of Les Miserables, you’ll know who Prisoner 24601 is. Here’s homage to the literary classic that’s truly a timeless piece. You can buy one fromAmazon.

Bookterism T-Shirt

What do books and book clubs lead to? Bookterism! Show off your love for reading with this extremely accurate statement shirt. You can purchase one from Amazon.

Cinna Hunger Games Shirt

Here’s a witty reminder of one of Hunger Games’ favorite characters. This may seem like a simple shirt but it definitely looks like it’s Cinna-approved. Get one from Amazon.

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Interstellar Hitchhiker’s Tee

This graphic shirt reminds you of how The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was able to capture your imagination with every page. If you’re a fan of the book, this shirt is a must-have. You can grab this from Amazon.

My Weekend is All Booked Shirt

Book lovers know how to perfectly spend their weekend. Curled, cozy, and comfy in their reading corners with their favorite book. Here’s a tee that screams “BOOKWORM!” You can purchase it from Amazon.

Jane Austen Heroes Shirt

If you’re not a fan of Jane Austen’s novels, you might think these guys are someone’s romantic interests. If you have read every single Austen literature, you’ll know that these are the heroes from her novels. Get one now from Amazon.

Tree of Gondor Shirt

This is the one t-shirt to rule them all. It may not have a ring on the print but it exudes your love for The Lord of the Rings series. Simple, yet full of statement. Grab this shirt from Amazon.

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Tee

Muggles who are into the Wizarding World are sure to love this Marauder’s Map-inspired statement tee. It’s a witty way to let others know that you mean business when it comes to your love for books, especially the Harry Potter series. You can purchase this fromAmazon.

These statement tees are all you need to let everyone know how you love to read. Being a bookworm never looked this cool when you have these literature-inspired tees!

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