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Hello, Fairy Friends!

It’s finally here!
Tommy Tinker has finally gone off to embark on his much-awaited magical journey: “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory”! An undiscovered world of enchantment, color, and adventure is waiting for you in the pages of this spellbinding new book. You will finally get to meet Tommy Tinker himself and the many mystical fairies that join him in the Fairy Kingdom.
But in order to complete his quest, Tommy is going to need your help. Fairy friends around the world are being invited to a global movement to bring fairy magic all over the world by joining our elite, exclusive teams who will hold a special place in Tommy Tinker’s world!
Here’s how you can become a part of this incredible fairy magic!


Join the Elite Group of Tommy Tinker Magical Micro-Influencers!

Tommy Tinker’s world is getting bigger by the minute and now he and his friends need YOUR magic to make it even bigger!

If you magic spells with your fingertips to enchant hearts and lead them towards fairies…

If you the magic to open doors for more fairy friends to explore…

If you have the wings to take flight and tell the world about the fantastic adventures of Tommy Tinker… then YOU might just be the influencer that Tommy Tinker’s world needs!

50 magical fairy friends will be transformed into Tommy Tinker Influencers, and they’ll receive exclusive perks and amazing surprises. We’re not looking for the macros and the big-name influencers. We want micro-influencers, small but powerful, full of magic and enchantment, just like the fairies themselves, to build our elite group!

  • They’ll be getting the ultra-exclusive Tommy Tinker PR Kit, chock full of magical goodies, along with a FREE eBook (PDF) copy of “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory”.

If you think you’re one of these most magical fairy influencers, head over to the sign-up page and bring your magic!

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Become a member of the Tommy Tinker Launch Team!

Not quite an influencer but still want to spread the magic about Tommy Tinker and receive an amazing package of freebies? Sign up to be a part of the Tommy Tinker Launch Team!

You’ll be a part of a special group of fairy friends to receive amazing Tommy Tinker launch team goodies, bringing the magic of Tommy Tinker and his friends everywhere in the world.

Only the first 100 fairy friends to sign up will become eligible to receive all the incredible freebies along with one extra special piece of magic: A FREE eBook copy of “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory”. It’s an opportunity to experience the magic of Tommy Tinker straight away!

Meet the fairies, enjoy the magical goodies, and be a part of an amazing group that loves Tommy Tinker and his friends!

Are you ready to become a part of the magic? Sign up and be one of the first 100!

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Listen to the Magic

“Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory” now comes in audiobook form, so it can reach anyone and everyone who loves Tommy Tinker around the world! Listen to the spellbinding magic of adventure and discovery in Tommy’s world, meet the cast of characters, and experience fairy world as the story is woven around you.

Have a listen!

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Fifty audio books will be given away for free to 50 lucky fairy friends. If you want to know how to get one of those 50 copies, head to Facebook Here to find out!

Get The New Adventure

Ready to join Tommy Tinker on his brand new, highly-anticipated magical journey? Get your very own copy of “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Factory” today by heading to the Tommy Tinker store-click on the link below!

Tommy Tinker Book Store

We can’t wait to share so much more magic with you. We look forward to meeting you at the gates of the Fairy Kingdom, and to join you in the trails of the most enchanting adventures with Tommy Tinker!

Fairy hugs,


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