Christmas Bedding Adds to Bedtime Magic

Christmas is coming and there are so many incredible bedtime stories that children can enjoy. But this week’s Teelie Turner Author post is about some Christmas bedding that can make holiday bedtimes magical.

1. Christmas Blankets
Holly In A Fairy Tale Christmas™ Throw Blanket
2. Magical Comforters
The Snowflake Christmas Fairy™ Comforter
3. Cozy Pillows
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas In The Pink™ Throw Pillow
4. Christmas Fun
Greetings Fairy Lovers This Is Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas™ Duvet Cover

Christmas Blankets

Our collection of merchandise includes several beautiful holiday blankets including this one featuring Holly from Holly’s A Fairy Tale Christmas Book which was released last year. Discover the blanket on Redbubble.

Magical Comforters

We have many magical comforters which will make a bed, warm, cozy and fun. Meet The Snowflake Christmas Fairy on Redbubble.

Cozy Pillows

Pillows are another great way to make a bed magical. We have Holly surrounded by a wreath. This pillow is available with or without the insert. Find it on Redbubble.

Christmas Fun

Holly is featured standing beside a Christmas tree on our duvet cover. It is available on Redbubble.

1. Holiday Pillowcase
Christalle Shimmershine The Handmade Christmas Pillow Case
2. Enchanted Bedding
Candy The Christmas Fairy™ Throw Blanket
3. Bedtime Magic
The Snowflake Christmas Fairy™ Throw Pillow
4. Comforts of Christmas
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas In The Pink™ Comforter

Holiday Pillowcase

We have another magical Christmas fairy named Christalle Shimmershine. She is The Handmade Christmas Fairy, and her pillowcase can be found on Gearbubble.

Enchanted Bedding

Bedding is like Christmas decorations; it is fun to change the way that things look from time to time. Candy the Christmas Fairy looks incredible on a throw blanket. She and all her friends can be found on Redbubble.

Bedtime Magic

The Snowflake Christmas Fairy can also be found on a throw pillow (available with or without the insert). Walking into a room where the bedding is magical can make the bedtime experience special. Imagine cuddling against the pillows and hearing a Christmas tale. You can find the full collection of Teelie Turner throw pillows including The Snowflake Christmas Fairy’s on Redbubble.

Comforts of Christmas

Holly can be found on a comforting Christmas comforter too. Browse through our vast collection of bedding on Redbubble.

The fairies are thrilled that they could share their collection of merchandise with you. They hope that you’ll enjoy exploring all of our holiday bedding. Consider mixing and matching items to create your own special look this holiday season. Bedtime can be more fun when the atmosphere is just right. Keep visiting Teelie Turner Author for more updates this holiday season.

Here is a video that gives you a hint about one of our upcoming books.

Several magical fairy clubs have been launched. Learn more about them here.

Meet the Fairies

Sign up to  get a copy of the Meet the Fairies catalogue / book. It’s an enchanted opportunity to get better acquainted with over a hundred incredible fairies from the Teelie Turner Collection.

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