How to Create a Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece for Your Office

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Teelie Turner Author.  We’re going to be exploring some amazing ideas on how to create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for your office. Centerpieces don’t need to take up too much space, but they can be a focal point or additional decorations for your office, to give it a little magic.

1. Christmas Gnomes
Christmas Gnomes with Black and White Buffalo Plaid with Red Hats Rustic Classic Christmas Décor
2. Multi Purpose Christmas Décor
Christmas Handmade Candle Holder, Christmas Party Favors, Christmas Table Decor, Christmas Table Centerpiece, Christmas Ornaments
3. Magical Christmas Scene
Dashing Through The Snow Faux Flower Winter Sleigh
4. Christmas Shadow Box
Frosted Christmas Time Double-sided Wooden Shadow Box Countertop Art, Christmas Frame, Christmas Décor

Christmas Gnomes

We found some cute gnomes that were wearing black and white buffalo plaid and red hats. They would be a friendly addition to your office space. They might even be able to provide you with a little help if the fairy dust in the air is just right. You’ll find the gnomes on Etsy.

Multi Purpose Christmas Décor

We also saw some multi-purpose Christmas décor that you might enjoy. They are decorated wooden birch slices that can serve as a candle holder, party favor, tree ornament (if a battery operated candle is used), or perhaps you have another idea of how they could look stunning as part of your office décor. Find them on Etsy.

Magical Christmas Scene

We found an amazing centerpiece that features a winter sleigh and a teddy bear. There is only one of these unique items available, so act fast if you’d like to own it. Find it on Etsy.

Christmas Shadow Box

We also found an intriguing Christmas shadow box that is filled with magical decorations. This item is two-sided so you could place it on a table or desk and enjoy it regardless of the direction that you look in. There is only one available so act quickly if you’d like to use it in your office. Find it on Etsy.

1. Velvet Christmas Trees
Mini Christmas tree centerpiece stuffed velvet decor with silver bells family, co-worker, or teacher Christmas gifts secret Santa
2. Classic Christmas
Classic Christmas Red Truck Vintage Seasonal Kit Fall/Winter Centerpiece Mantelpiece Décor
3. Stylish Mason Jars
Christmas Mason Jars / Candy Cane Mason Jars / Christmas Centerpiece
4. Miniature Christmas Scene
Handmade miniature Christmas scene

Velvet Christmas Trees

These miniature velvet Christmas trees are a great option for enjoying the magic of the holiday season, but not losing too much room in your office space. You can select the size and color that you’d like. They can be found on Etsy.

Classic Christmas

If you’d like your office centerpiece to be more classic Christmas, you might choose this cute little red truck that has Christmas trees surrounding it. Learn more about it on Etsy.

Stylish Mason Jars

Mason jars are quite popular these days when it comes to using them for decorations. We found some stylish candy cane inspired Christmas centerpieces that have been made out of Mason jars. Find them on Etsy.

Miniature Christmas Scene

We found a miniature Christmas scene featuring a chipmunk that was extremely adorable. We thought you might like to make it the centerpiece for your office. If you work from home, or spend a lot of time in your office, ensuring that you have a magical atmosphere is essential. Learn more about this miniature Christmas scene on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Teelie Turner Author. We hope that you enjoyed our suggestions for Christmas centerpieces. We also hope that you’ll come back and visit us soon because we have a large assortment of books being released over the next few weeks including eight volumes of Christmas photo books, a magical Christmas storybook and the first edition of our magical cookbook.

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