What Will You Write With Today?

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Welcome to Teelie Turner Author. This week we’re going to be exploring some magical options for pens that you can use for writing notes, Christmas cards, your memoir, private thoughts, or anything that you want. We’ll also be looking at some options for notebooks and journals, so that you have somewhere to use the magical pens.

1. Magical Gel Pens
Everyday Gel Pen - Unicorn! Unicorn Pen, Unicorn, Pen, Gel Pen, Pens, Gel Pens, Unicorn Stationery, Stationery
2. Have Some Hope and Faith Notebook
Meet Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy™ Spiral Notebook
3. Comfortable Writing Instruments
10 "PIONEERING-Best Life Ever!" Pen (Stylus) w/Rubber Grip, "Great Pioneer Gift"
4. Perfect Gift Hardcover Journal
Holly In A Fairy Tale Christmas™ Hardcover Journal

Magical Gel Pens

We found some gel pens that have unicorns on them. You can enjoy writing and looking at these magical creatures from Fairy Land. Find these pens on Etsy.

Have Some Hope and Faith Notebook

Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy is featured on the front of this spiral notebook. She is an inspiring fairy whose mission it is to help restore hope and faith to those that she helps. Find this notebook on Redbubble.

Comfortable Writing Instruments

We found some pens that are known to be comfortable because they have rubber grips on them. You can find these on Etsy.

Perfect Gift Hardcover Journal

If you’re looking for a notebook that could be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer, we have some great ones for all occasions like holidays and birthdays. Above is a picture of the Holly In A Fairy Tale Christmas hardcover journal. Find it and hundreds of other choices on Redbubble.

1. Holiday Pens
Christmas Pens, Christmas Pen, Cute Christmas Pen, Christmas, Christmas Stationery, Stationery, Father Christmas Pen, Penguin Pen, Santa
2. Keep Christmas Organized
Christalle Shimmershine The Handmade Christmas Items Fairy™ Spiral Notebook
3. Artistic Pens
Polymer Clay Pens "Poly-Pens" Black Ink, Bic, Fun to write with! Hand-made Hand-crafted Assorted Colors. Choose your colors!
4. A Collection of Thoughts
Candy The Christmas Fairy™ Hardcover Journal

Holiday Pens

We found some awesome holiday pens featuring Father Christmas, a penguin and Santa Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas tree. These pens give you a chance to enjoy the magic of the season while you write. They’re available on Etsy.

Keep Christmas Organized

If you’d like to keep all your notes concerning Christmas organized, the Wee Folk in Fairy Land can help you with that. Christalle Shimmershine, The Handmade Christmas Items Fairy is happy to share her spiral notebook with you. See her and her friends on Redbubble.

Artistic Pens

We found some amazingly artistic pens that are covered in an assortment of rainbow colors. They write with regular blank ink so your pen can be both beautiful and practical. Look for them on Etsy.

A Collection of Thoughts

Candy The Christmas Fairy has you covered when it comes to creating a collection of thoughts. Her hardcover journal is a great place for you to be able to write down what you’re thinking. Find her journal and many others on Redbubble.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Teelie Turner Author blog post. We hope that you have enjoyed browsing magical pens, spiral notebooks, and journals with us. Please continue to visit us to learn more about several new book releases including several Christmas ones.

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