How to Create a Farm Themed Reading Room

How to Create a Farm Themed Reading Room

Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. We’re so grateful to have you among us. If you’ve been following us, you’re aware that we’re currently in the process of releasing several books. One of these upcoming books features Farmer Jonathan. The text from the book jacket reads: “It is early one morning when Jonathan, a Fairy Farmer shows a human believer in fairies around the special magical farm where he works and lives. He and the other fairies that work there are responsible for caring for all the animals. They don’t need an alarm clock because the rooster wakes them up. A Water Fairy and a bit of fairy dust ensure that the animals get watered. Some fairies use tractors and other farm machinery in the fields to make hay. The fairy farm also has a huge garden. Join Jonathan, The Fairy Farmer on his morning walk around the farm so that you can meet the animals and learn about the farm’s operations.”

In celebration, we are sharing eight ideas on how you can turn a room into a farm themed reading oasis.

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Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are great for sprucing up a wall and adding some character to a room. There are so many incredible choices when it comes to farmhouse décor. We chose to show you one that reads ‘Just One More Chapter.’ Find it on Etsy.

Barnyard Scene Wall Hanging

Artwork, quilt hangings and anything featuring animals looks great on a wall in a farm themed reading room. We found a beautiful, quilted wall hanging to share with you. It is available on Etsy.

Stunning Metal Signs

Metal signs are another stunning option for your farm themed reading space. We are sharing one that can be customized with your family name and choice of design. More details are available on Etsy.

Farm Themed Fairy Garden

If you have room on a desk or table, you might consider incorporating a farm themed fairy garden into your reading room. There are so many great choices for creating a magical one. We decided to show you one featuring a miniature mother hen with her chicks. Find it on Etsy.

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Somewhere For Your Books

A reading room must have somewhere to store your books. Consider this rustic handmade floating shelf with steel chains. Look for it on Etsy.

Intriguing Lamp

You need to have good lighting in your reading room. We came across a vintage lamp that had a moose on the shade. Find it on Etsy.

Horseshoe Décor

Horseshoes are known to be good luck, when the shoe is pointed upward to keep the luck from running out. We thought you might like this cowboy hat horseshoe key rack. You can also use it to hold other items, like perhaps a special ornament, or item to help your children know whose turn it is to pick their bedtime story. Look for this horseshoe on Etsy.

Cozy Blanket

Cozy blankets are awesome because you can settle back and curl up with a book and be warm and comfortable. There are numerous choices available, but we liked this buffalo plaid Sherpa blanket. Find it on Etsy.

Thanks for joining us to learn about Farmer Jonathan and some options for decorating your farm themed reading room. Do you have farmhouse décor in your house or reading room? If so, share a photo with us on social media. And keep visiting Teelie Turner Author for more exciting news.

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