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Welcome to Teelie Turner Author. This week we’re going to be telling you about the Fairies’ Super Autumn DIY Guide that they recently released. It is filled with loads of photos and suggestions for you to be able to assemble a fairy garden featuring the themes of Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. In celebration of the fairies’ releasing their guide, we decided to share an assortment of fairy garden décor with you. Some of these items are featured in the guide, and others we thought fit the magical theme and  wanted to show them to you, in hopes that they might bring a smile to your face like they did to ours. You’ll find the link to the guide at the end of the article.

1. Halloween Treat Bags
Halloween Happy Spider Bag, Dollhouse, Miniatures, Trick or Treat Spider Bag, Happy Spider Bag, Fairy Garden Goodies, Candies, Bag
2. Innovative Ideas
Adorable Sleeping Little Mermaids, Fairy Garden Mermaid, Dollhouse Lovely Mermaids, Miniature Sleeping Mermaids, Sitting Mermaid
3. Magical Treats
Pretty Pastel Miniature Candy, Fairy Treats, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Candy, Miniature Assorted Yummy Candies, Swirl Lollipop
4. Celebrating Autumn Harvest
Fairy Garden Fairy Fall Harvest Cart, Miniature, Plant, Pot, Butterfly, Rabbit, Bird, Pumpkins, Radish, Crate, Fairy, Fairy Garden, Fairy

Halloween Treat Bags

We decided to start by showing you some Halloween treat bags. There are several options to choose from on Etsy, but we decided to show you the one that had a spider on it. Several goodies come with the treat bag including miniature candies.

Innovative Ideas

The fairies’ Super Autumn Guide is meant to inspire you. We hope that you’ll take some of the ideas contained in its pages and turn them into your ideas. For example, with the mermaids featured above, they are not in the autumn guide, but they would fit in perfectly with the theme of Halloween. You could incorporate them into your garden and say that they’re wearing Halloween costumes. Find the adorable mermaids on Etsy. Each mermaid is a separate option for your garden.

Magical Treats

The Wee Folk have a passion for sweets. We decided to show you some multi-colored lollipops and swirly candies. Find them on Etsy.

Celebrating Autumn Harvest

Celebrate the joys of the autumn harvest with an adorable autumn harvest cart. It includes a multitude of items including a plant, butterfly, pumpkins, radish, fairy, rabbit and bird. Full details can be found on Etsy.

1. Adorable Decorations
Be Thankful Turkey for Miniature Garden, Fairy Garden
2. Haunted Halloween Signs
BOO Miniature Halloween Signs, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Halloween, Spooky, Downloadable, Print On Demand, Orange, Black
3. Autumn Harvest Cart
Fairy Garden Fancy Fairy White Cart Filled With Orange and Purple Pumpkins, Fall Fairy, Harvest, Fall, Miniature, dollhouse, fairy garden
4. Harvest Fairies
Mini Harvest Fairy w/ Grain Bundle, SADIE ~ Miniature Fairy Garden Figurines ~ Fall or Autumn Home & Garden Accents

Adorable Decorations

Brighten up your fairy garden with adorable decorations like the ‘Be Thankful’ turkey that is shown above. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? Find this thankful decoration and many other choices on Etsy.

Haunted Halloween Signs

Consider adding some haunted Halloween signs to your garden. If it is outside or will be exposed to water, consider laminating the signs. They are available on Etsy as print on demand products. Which is your favorite?

Autumn Harvest Cart

This autumn harvest cart is absolutely adorable. It includes an acorn fairy and a hedgehog too. Find full details on what is included in this sweet scene on Etsy.

Harvest Fairies

Sadie the Harvest Fairy would like to introduce herself to you and invite you to include her in your autumn fairy garden. She comes with her own adorable grain bundle. Find her on Etsy.

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Discover the Super Autumn DIY Fairy Guide with fairy gardening ideas on the themes of autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Find it here.

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