Office Supplies from the 5 Spooktacular Witches


Thank you for visiting Teelie Turner Author. This week we want to introduce you to the five witches from The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches book. This is a magical book that features five stories each with one of our magnificent fairies at Halloween. Find it here. 

To celebrate these five fairies, we’ll be showing you a piece of merchandise from each of their collections, in addition to something from three other Spooktacular Halloween fairies. They decided to concentrate on the office supplies section of their merchandise but want you to know that they also have clothing, puzzles, mugs and other goodies.

Witches Office Supplies
1. Fairy Chef Gardenia The Sweet Treats Fairy
Fairy Chef Gardenia™ Laptop Skin
2. Courtney A Fairy Seamstress
Courtney's Fairy Costumes™ Sticker
3. Hallie the Holiday Shopkeeper Fairy
Hallie's Fairy Halloween Holiday Store™ Spiral Notebook
4. Trixie-Love the Trick or Treat Fairy
Fairy Trixie-Love The Trick or Treat Fairy™ Magnet

Fairy Chef Gardenia The Sweet Treats Fairy

The fairies know how important technology is when it comes to keeping the world connected. In Fairy Land, they prefer to use other magical methods of communication like the Fairy Post. However, they want their human believers to be able to look at magical images while they do their work on their laptops. For this reason, Fairy Chef Gardenia, the Sweet Treats Fairy asked us to show you the laptop skin featuring her image. This skin is available for several different laptops. Her fairy friends also have one available. Find them on Redbubble.

Courtney A Fairy Seamstress

Fairy Courtney is a great fairy to know. She’s an incredible seamstress and in The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches, her help is needed to create some amazing costumes. Fairy Courtney asked us to share her sticker with you. These magical stickers are available in a few different sizes. Find them on Redbubble.

Hallie the Holiday Shopkeeper Fairy

Hallie is a shopkeeper fairy. She owns a holiday store and her favorite holiday is Halloween. Maybe you guessed that given her name. When asked which item from her collection, she’d like to share with you, she suggested her spiral notebook. It is a great office supply for writing down thoughts, ideas and lists. Find Hallie’s notebook on Redbubble. Hardcover journals are also available.

Trixie-Love the Trick or Treat Fairy

Trixie-Love is Fairy Land’s trick-or-treat fairy. It must be so much fun to work with her. She chose to show you a magnet with her picture on it. The magnet is a great decoration and it is also practical for sticking notes on a filing cabinet or white board. Find it on Redbubble.

Halloween Office Supplies
1. Issy The Halloween Party Fairy
Issy The Halloween Party Fairy™ iPhone Case & Cover
2. Ms. Spooktacular The Halloween Fairy
Ms. Spooktacular The Halloween Fairy™ Hardcover Journal
3. Poe-Shimmer The Halloween Potion Fairy
Poe-Shimmer The Halloween Potion Fairy™ Greeting Card
4. Francesca The Good Witch Fairy
Francesca The Good Witch Fairy™ Coasters (Set of 4)

Issy The Halloween Party Fairy

The Fairy Land Halloween Party Fairy is Issy. She has a magical blue dress and wings. She wanted to show you what she looked like on an iPhone case and cover. You can see it and the available phone models on Redbubble. Other phone cases can also be found in Issy’s collection.

Ms. Spooktacular The Halloween Fairy

Ms. Spooktacular, the Halloween Fairy has an incredible name and she loves that it is hers all year long and not just on October 31st. She looks amazing in her purple outfit, which she demonstrates for you above on a hardcover journal. She is also on a spiral notebook. Find her collection of merchandise on Redbubble.

Poe-Shimmer The Halloween Potion Fairy

Poe-Shimmer, the Halloween Potion Fairy also has a magical name. She wanted us to share her greeting cards with you. She thought you might want to mail a friend a letter to let them know that you’re thinking of them, or to wish them a Happy Halloween. Two sizes of cards are available. Find them on Redbubble.

Francesca The Good Witch Fairy

Francesca is The Good Witch Fairy. She has both witches and fairies in her family tree. You’ll find her posing on a set of four cute coasters. You can find her coasters and those belonging to all her friends in Fairy Land on Redbubble.

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know these magical Halloween fairy witches and seeing a few items from their magical collections of merchandise. We hope that you’ll continue to visit Teelie Turner Author to have more magical adventures with the fairies and to learn exciting news about books, creating book nooks and so much more. Do you have a topic that you’d like us to write about? Reach out on social media or comment on this post to let us know.

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