Have Fun With Board Books For Children

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This week’s Teelie Turner Author blog has eight book suggestions for you to enjoy with children. We decided to share board books since they include elements that help a child to explore reading. Some of these books can also be found in other formats.

1. A Well-Known Read
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board book by Eric Carle
2. A Great Choice for Dog Lovers
Where's Spot? By Eric Hill
3. A Barnyard Adventure
Open the Barn Door by Christopher Santoro
4. An Adorable Bedtime Story
If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul

A Well-Known Read

Our first suggestion for this week is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. This is a popular and well-known book that will take you on the caterpillar’s surprising journey through a lot of food to a wonderful surprise at the end.  It is also a learning tool for the days of the week. You can find it on Amazon.

A Great Choice for Dog Lovers

Do you and a child that you know love dogs? If so, ‘Where’s Spot’ by Eric Hill is an excellent choice for a board book. The author originally wrote this story for his son. You can find it on Amazon.

A Barnyard Adventure

‘Open the Barn Door’ by Christopher Santoro will keep a child engaged as you read to them as there are multiple flaps which require the child to discover what is behind the barn door. It can be found on Amazon.

An Adorable Bedtime Story

There are many adorable bedtime stories available to read to children including our next pick. We chose ‘If Animals Kissed Good Night’ which was written by Ann Whitford Paul and illustrated by David Walker. This book is filled with beautiful rhymes and delightful wondering. It can be found on Amazon.

1. A Sensorial Experience
Baby Touch and Feel: Animals by DK
2. A Forest Adventure
Forest: Touch & Feel (Lamaze Activity Books) by Cottage Door Press and Rose Colombe
3. Creativity at Play
See, Touch, Feel: Create: A Creative Play Book by Roger Priddy
4. Reading is Learning
Alphaprints: Colors by Roger Priddy

A Sensorial Experience

The book ‘Baby Touch and Feel: Animals’ by DK is a sensorial experience for children as they get a chance to experience what animals feel like. It is also an opportunity for children to learn the names of the animals in the book and the sounds that they make. You can find this book on Amazon.

A Forest Adventure

We found another cute book that allows a child to touch and feel it. It is called ‘Forest: Touch and Feel’ and was written by Cottage Door Press and Rose Colombe. It was illustrated by Kevin Payne. In this adorable and interactive book where a child has the opportunity to learn and delight in the forest adventure. You can find it on Amazon.

Creativity at Play

Roger Priddy wrote ‘See, Touch, Feel,’  to be a chance for a delightful read and a learning opportunity for children. It also  allows families to enjoy making crafts afterwards based on the book’s hand and footprint designs. Find it on Amazon.

Reading is Learning

There is so much learning that occurs through reading. In Roger Priddy’s book ‘Alphaprints: Colors,’ the adult is able to share  the story with their children, while teaching them at the same time. It is available on Amazon.


We hope that you enjoyed our suggestions for board books to read with children. Reading is an amazing adventure that can be taken by a child, during which they’ll learn numerous other skills and knowledge without even realizing what is happening. That is known as the magic of reading.

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