Beautiful Bookcases for your Home or Library

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Thank you for coming back to the Teelie Turner Author blog. This week we are sharing eight unique choices for bookcases that can be used in your home or library. If you’re lucky, perhaps you have your own library within your home. A few of our cases are in the form of open shelves. We hope that you’ll love this creative selection as much as we do. Books and their cases/shelves are like a different form of art for those who enjoy literature.

1. The Love of Reading
Rafevi Case Heart Shaped Book Shelf
2. Magical Miniature Bookcase
Miniature bookcase, dollhouse shelf, doll furniture, 1/8, , Lati yellow, furniture for BJD, room box, dollhouse
3. DIY Woodworking Project
Tree Bookcase Plans - Digital Download
4. Rustic Bookcase
Rustic 5 Shelf Bookcase 5 Tier Etagere Large Open Display Stand

The Love of Reading

This heart shape bookcase/shelf can be mounted on a wall and provides an artistic and delightful look to a room. It is available on Etsy.

Magical Miniature Bookcase

Our next choice is a miniature bookcase which is also a dollhouse shelf. There isn’t room for many books on it, but it is a great choice for a child’s room with limited space. It’s shape and bright colors give it a magical feel. It can be found on Etsy.

DIY Woodworking Project

Are you or someone you know creative when it comes to woodworking? If so, we have the perfect DIY project for you. This bookcase looks like a tree. It can hold numerous books and won’t take up an immense amount of space. You can purchase the pattern as a digital download on Etsy.

Rustic Bookcase

This rustic bookcase has a lot of room for books and other décor. It is a way to combine your love of books with other items that have special meaning to you. This bookcase is available on Etsy.

1. Floating Bookshelf
Wood Metal Bookshelf Floating Shelves Wall Shelf Modular Bookshelf Wall Art Metal Bookcase Industrial Bookshelf Art Modern Hanging Shelf
2. Freestanding Bookcase
Antique black wooden freestanding Bookcase
3. Custom Made Bookcase
Wooden Bookcase, Rustic Book Shelf, Large Bookcase ,Rustic Bookcase ,Farmhouse Furniture, Custom made "Clara"
4. Corner Shelf Bookcase
Bookcase Corner Shelf, Solid Wood Corner Shelf

Floating Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks like it is floating on the wall. It is artistic and has room for other items in addition to books. It is available on Etsy.

Freestanding Bookcase

This antique black freestanding wooden bookcase is elegant and provides many options as to how you’d like to organize your books. The shelves can be filled solely with books or you can add bookends or an assortment of other decorative items to brighten up your space. You can find this bookcase on Etsy.

Custom Made Bookcase

This rustic wooden bookcase has a farmhouse feel to it. The seller also has some options to allow you to personalize it. It would look great in a kitchen holding some flower planters, cookbooks, and the book that you’re going to read while you’re waiting for something to cook or bake. It would also be great in any other room of your home to make your perfect household library. It can be found on Etsy.

Corner Shelf Bookcase

This corner shelf bookcase is both decorative and a space saver. It will look great with your books lined up in it. It also allows for the use of bookends and other décor if you’d prefer to not just showcase books. It is available on Etsy.

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing this selection of bookcases. For many of us, books are our friends and we want to ensure that they have a great home. Bookcases can help with that. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website to learn more about her work. She has also launched a contest on social media which will allow you to help select a magical fairy or creature which will have a story written about it. Please take a second to place your vote. You can vote on MeWe , Pinterest, or Facebook. You can also look for us on our other social media pages which include Twitter and Instagram. We are also on Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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