How to Have a Magical Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Activities

Just a few more days until Christmas Eve. Do you have plans or are you looking for some magical suggestions? If you are Teelie Turner Author is here to help you. Get yourself a warm beverage and settle in to learn how.

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Read Christmas Books

Christmas books can bring the magic of the season alive. And Teelie Turner has created several magical ones that you can enjoy this holiday season. Recently released is The Fairy Merry Christmas which can be found on here. 

You might also enjoy The Fairy Merry Christmas: Paper Doll Activity Book which can be found on Amazon.  

Teelie Turner also released Holly’s Magical Fairy Tale Christmas last year. You can also find it here. 


A New Year’s book is also being released this week called Chime the New Year’s Eve Fairy. Watch for it on Amazon.

Watch this video about The Fairy Merry Christmas.

Watch Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas movies is another amazing option for Christmas Eve. There are so many movies that you could choose. We decided to share the movie Northpole with you because it the magical story of an elf named Clementine and Christmas magic. Find it on Amazon.

Enjoy Christmas Music

Enjoying Christmas music is another Christmas Eve must. There are numerous options for you to choose from based on your musical preferences. Or maybe you’d like to make your own music by singing carols. If you have young children, you might want to try out this interactive sing-along book that we found on Amazon.

Create Magical Snacks

You can also create magical snacks. The wee folks in Fairy Land are enjoying the magical reindeer cupcakes that are pictured above. They will also be releasing magical cookbooks soon so that you can enjoy some of their food suggestions. Find the cupcakes on Etsy.

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Create a Magical Hot Cocoa Bar

You might want to create your own magical hot cocoa bar with mini marshmallows, different flavors of hot chocolate, whipped cream, and magical sprinkles. We found a magical Dear Santa tray that would be perfect for arranging all your toppings. Find it on Etsy.

Wear Christmas Pajamas

Dress up your whole family in Christmas pajamas. You found some beautiful red ones on Amazon that your family might enjoy.

Have an Ugly Sweater Party

Instead of having a pajama party, you might also decide to have an at home or video conferencing ugly sweater party. We found one adorable ugly Christmas sweater with a llama on it, on Amazon.

Open One Gift

In some families it is a tradition to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We decided to share one gift that the wee folk love and that is a magical fairy garden set. This one is a kit featuring seven pieces including a friendly deer. Find it on Amazon.

We hope that you have enjoyed our suggestions for Christmas Eve. We hope that your holiday season is filled with magic and fun. Please continue to visit Teelie Turner Author. We have lots more exciting news coming in 2020 and many new projects planned for 2021.

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