The Enchanted Felicia The Beautiful Book Club Fairy Ornament Tree

Welcome to Teelie Turner Author.  In our last blog post, we talked about how incredible it could be to create a Felicia the Fairy Book Club Fairy tree that is filled with her ornaments which are available in both heart and round shapes. We decided to show you some of the enchanted designs that Felicia’s ornaments come in. The majority of her designs have one thing in common, Felicia usually has a book with her. And if you don’t see her books, then you know she has them hidden away in the pocket of her dress or skirt because she can make them tiny and super easy to carry.

Felicia Shares The Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club Heart Ornament

Bring some joy to your surroundings with this Felicia’s Beautiful Magical Book Club Ornament. The enchanted design is sure to make you smile. These also make great gifts. Learn more here.

Find more magic on Felicia’s brand new book page here for the Felicia Shares the Beautiful Magical Book Club.

Felicia’s Magical Mother’s Love Circle Ornament

This ornament of Felicia holding a baby is absolutely magical. Its soft colors and beautiful design make it exquisite. It would look amazing on a delightful Felicia tree. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Circle of Love Heart Collection

This enchanted design is magical with the heart-shaped ornament and Felicia’s red dress that matches the background and all the hearts. This design is perfectly named the Circle of Love Collection. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Butterfly Love Circle Ornament

The Felicia’s Butterfly Love circle ornament looks extremely chic. Felicia’s clothing and expression are so elegant. Her happiness is undeniable, and it is sure to be catching for anyone who sees this amazing ornament on your Felicia tree. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Magical Bird Love Circle Ornament

The way that this design known as Felicia’s Magical Bird Love really stands out on the red background is breathtaking. The green and gold in the design are enchanted. This would look extremely magical on your Felicia tree. Learn more here.

Felicia Off To Fairy School Circle Ornament

This ornament is gorgeous with its red background. Felicia is ready to head to school with her globe, backpack, and book. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Valentine’s Day Dreaming Circle Ornaments

Felicia looks enchanted in her chic pink dress and jewelry as she is surrounded by hearts and flowers pouring over magical books. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Magical Teacup Fairy Garden Circle Ornament

This design is known as Felicia’s Magical Teacup Fairy Garden. We love the green background and all the enchanted details that are in Felicia’s outfit and the garden. Learn more here.

This enchanted video will also show you more of Felicia’s amazing products.


Thank you for spending time with Teelie Turner Author. Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy hopes that you have enjoyed spending time with her and learning about her enchanted ornaments. Enjoy more magic in Fairy Land by visiting our social media pages and exploring our website.

You can also learn more about Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club in this video.


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