Treat Yourself to a Magical Gift from Eliza’s Collection of Merchandise

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Holidays are a  time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. This year, that’s going to be more difficult due to the coronavirus. However, there are some options available such as having contact by phone and through social apps like Skype. We wanted to bring you a distraction which you can also share with your loved ones. A magical Teelie Turner fairy book was recently re-released. Eliza the Easter Fairy is an adorable story about a fairy who is responsible for painting Easter eggs. She has a pet duck named Henry which is based on Teelie’s own childhood duck. She also has some bunnies who assist her with the painting. Eliza also has her own collection of merchandise. Consider giving yourself or a loved one a treat with these magical products.

1. Relax in an Eliza T-Shirt
Eliza The Easter Fairy Fitted Scoop T-Shirt
2. Enjoy Art With Eliza
Eliza The Easter Fairy Flower Wreath Metal Print
3. Add Comfort With Eliza’s Bunny Helpers
Easter Bunny Hiding In The Bird Nest Throw Pillow
4. Decompress With a Cute Notebook
Henry The Magical Duck Spiral Notebook

Relax in an Eliza T-Shirt

T-shirts are known for their comfort and relaxing in an extra cute one is a bonus. This Eliza the Easter Fairy t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes. The image we’re  sharing is of Eliza surrounded by a green wreath with some pink flowers. The Eliza collection also offers other designs including some with adorable bunnies. Find the Eliza T-shirt on Redbubble.

Enjoy Art With Eliza

Consider getting some new artwork for your walls. The Eliza collection has several options tailored to suit you. We decided to show you a metal print with an image of Eliza surrounded by a floral wreath. This print is available in different sizes and other images are also available. Find it on Redbubble.

Add Comfort With Eliza’s Bunny Helpers

Comfort is essential for your well-being. The Eliza collection has just the thing for you, a throw pillow. Throw pillows can be used as home décor, as a pillow on a couch to help rest your back or if you’re looking for something soft to hold onto. We are showing you one with a rabbit and Easter eggs. It is available on Redbubble.

Decompress With a Cute Notebook

Looking for ways to clear your mind and decompress? Writing down your thoughts, diving into your imagination and creating a story or planning to make a new recipe are all ways that you can do this. It just takes a pen and some paper. So, curl up on the couch, and write in an adorable notebook like this one from the Eliza collection featuring Henry the duck on the cover. It can be found on Redbubble.

1. Stay Warm With Eliza
Eliza the Easter Fairy Hoodie
2. Craft with Eliza
Eliza the Easter Fairy Sticker
3. Cook with Eliza
Eliza the Easter Fairy Apron
4. Dress Up With Eliza
Eliza The Easter Fairy A-Line Dress

Stay Warm With Eliza

Staying warm is one way to help yourself feel comfortable. With an Eliza the Easter Fairy hoodie, you can be warm and look great. It’s a great outfit to wear for Easter day to help your mood be festive too. It is available on Zazzle.

Craft with Eliza

Eliza the Easter Fairy’s collection also includes stickers which can be used in a variety of ways. One suggestion to help pass the time is to use the stickers on crafts or letters. Eliza has a few models available as do all her fairy friends. You’ll find all the stickers on Redbubble.

Cook with Eliza

Lots of people are getting into the kitchen and cooking and baking up a storm these days. Want to add  to the festive mood and keep your clothing clean? Consider an Eliza apron like this cute yellow one with Eliza circled by her floral wreath. It is available on Zazzle in a few different colors.

Dress Up With Eliza

Staying home but want to feel dressed up? An Eliza the Easter Fairy A-line dress is a great way to do this. It is cute and festive. Find it on Redbubble.

We hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at Eliza’s collection of merchandise. These items and many others are available on Redbubble and Zazzle. If you’d like to learn more about Eliza the Easter Fairy, she’s been busy posting information on the Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog. Below is a video from one of Eliza’s blogs about some of her other merchandise. And, keep visiting us here at Teelie Turner Author because we have even more books coming soon.

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