Best Summer Reading Spaces

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All seasons are a wonderful time for reading but in the summer, it can be extra special given that much of the reading can happen while on vacation or outside. We have put together eight suggestions for the best summer reading spaces, and we decided to represent them with some magical décor and seating options. Once you’ve explored these wonderful summer reading spaces, we hope that you’ll continue to explore Teelie Turner Author. We have lots of exciting news for you including our meet the team blog post.

1. In a Garden
Terrarium Fairy Garden kit, Custom gifts for him or her, Bohemian Decor, Apothecary Jars, healing herbs
2. In a Treehouse
LED Fairy Treehouse, Fairy Garden Treehouse, Mini Treehouse, Miniature Tree House, Mini Homes, Mini Houses
3. On the Deck or Patio
Metal Tulips Wall Art w/ Two-Tone Powder Coat Fade
4. On the beach
Lounge chair - beach chair, surfboard chair

In a Garden

Reading in a garden can be a wonderfully relaxing experience as you’re surrounded by beauty and delightful scents. If you can read in a fairy garden, it makes it even better because some tiny booklovers can read with you. We found a lovely terrarium fairy garden with a bohemian theme on Etsy.

In a Tree House

If you have a tree house, it can be a fun place to read. You likely have a wonderful view and perhaps a little breeze on a warm day. We found this fairy tree house that includes an LED light on Etsy. Having a little fairy garden in your tree house could be lots of fun too.

On the Deck or Patio

Reading on a deck or patio is another option. If your area is screened in, that’s sure to make it even more comfortable since you won’t have to worry about the bugs. An indoor sun room is also a good choice when it comes to getting some relaxation time. Having some patio décor is a great way to make your reading space feel homelike. We liked these metal tulips which had a two-tone powder coating on them. Full details are available on Etsy.

On the beach

Some sun, some sand, and either fresh or salt water also make for a wonderful summer reading place. If you are lucky enough to have a private beach, then you know that you’ll always be able to have a great place to read on the beach. Otherwise, you might have to wait and see how the crowds are or go to a less popular beach spot to have a peaceful summer read at the beach. We found a surfboard lounging chair on Etsy.

1. In a Hammock
Multicolor Hammock of Cotton
2. In a Gazebo
Lowes Allen & Roth gazebo mosquito replacement curtains 10 X 12 4 sides w/zippers
3. Around a Campfire
Campfire stained glass ornament / Camping suncatcher
4. In Your Magical Place
Reading Garden Fairy for Miniature Garden, Fairy Garden

In a Hammock

Reading in a hammock is a great way to enjoy summer days. We found a multicolored cotton hammock that would be great sitting between two trees in a peaceful area. Find a hammock on Etsy.

In a Gazebo

Reading in a gazebo is a wonderful way to enjoy some you time. Gazebos offer shelter from the weather and if it is screened in can also keep you from enduring the bugs. We found a great gazebo on Etsy.

Around a Campfire

Getting to read around a campfire, under the light of the moon and the stars depending on the time of day, is another wonderful way to enjoy some peace and quiet. The scent of wood smoke, and perhaps campfire cooking can add to the atmosphere when you go camping or in your backyard, if you have a fire pit. We found a campfire stained glass ornament that you can hang in your window so that it catches the light. Perhaps it the perfect memento to remind you of some wonderful summer reading. Find this ornament on Etsy

In Your Magical Place

Another great place for you to read is wherever you feel happiest doing so. What is your magical place? Is it lying on a blanket by a stream? Is it sitting against your favorite tree? Perhaps in a meadow surrounded by flowers or sitting in the back of your truck bed in a secluded spot after enjoying a picnic. We found a fairy who would love to read with you. Find her on Etsy.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our suggestions for summer reading spaces. These are only a few possibilities and we urge you to take some time for yourself, grab a good book and enjoy. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website to learn more about our upcoming projects and book releases.

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