Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author, we’re really excited because there is so much happening in Fairy Land. Stop by our Teelie’s Fairy Garden website and Tommy Tinker’s Store website to see everything that our favorite fairies are up to. This week’s post is on expressive jewelry. We’re going to explore the many messages that can be received when we see images with or without words.

1. Sometimes Words Aren’t Needed
Flower Dangle Earrings, Statement Gold Earrings, Floral Statement Earrings, Anemone Flower Earrings, Summer Earrings, Minimal Earrings
2. Jewelry and the Perfect Message Card
Friendship bracelet, bow bracelet, gift for best friend, best friend bracelet, best friend jewelry, friendship quote bracelet
3. Self-Affirmations
SunFlower Bangle "I Want To Be Like A Sunflower, So That Even On The Darkest Days, I will Stand Tall And Find The Sunshine" Affirmation
4. Important Reminders
Inhale Exhale Repeat, Wrap Ring

Sometimes Words Aren’t Needed

We saw these floral earrings and knew that we had to share them. They are so beautiful and delicate. Gifting these to some one would let them know that you’re thinking of them, and that you care. Sometimes, words aren’t needed to express ourselves. Find the earrings on Etsy.

Jewelry and the Perfect Message Card

Some jewelry also comes with the perfect message card that can let someone know how you’re feeling without you having to search for the words. This bow bracelet is meant for a friend and the words on the card are a beautiful quote that wrap around the recipient’s heart like the perfect hug. Find it on Etsy.


Jewelry can also help us with our self-affirmations such as on this sunflower bangle bracelet that has the words, “I Want To Be Like A Sunflower, So That Even On The Darkest Days, I will Stand Tall And Find The Sunshine.” You get to choose your initial for the bracelet, so it really becomes personal to you. Find it on Etsy.

Important Reminders

We can also receive important reminders from our jewelry like this ring that reminds us to inhale, exhale and repeat. Find this fun wrap ring on Etsy.

1. Surround Yourself and Others With Beauty
Mystic Topaz Earrings - Rainbow Vitrail Teardrops
2. Symbolic Meanings
Celtic knot ring Infinity knot Love knot ring Celtic ring Silver ring Celtic jewelry Recycled sterling silver 925 Jewelry by Katstudio
3. Celebratory Remarks
Stainless Steel "No One Can Ever Fill Your Shoes - Enjoy Retirement ", Charm Bangle, Shoe Charm, Charm Bracelet, Initial, Retirement Gift
4. Hint at Who You Are
Daughter of The Pirate & The Siren necklace, pendant, or bookmark

Surround Yourself and Others With Beauty

Surrounding ourselves and others around us with beauty is really important. Sometimes, that beauty comes from within. Other times, it comes from what we decide to wear. These mystic topaz rainbow teardrop earrings are so stunning because of their design and array of colors. You can’t help but feel happy when you see them. They are available on Etsy.

Symbolic Meanings

Some jewelry also has a symbolic meaning like this Celtic knot, infinity love ring. It’s stunning and made from recycled silver. Find it on Etsy.

Celebratory Remarks

Some jewelry also has the perfect celebratory remarks for special occasions, like this charm bracelet that says, “No One Can Ever Fill Your Shoes – Enjoy Retirement.” Find that bracelet and many others on Etsy.

Hint at Who You Are

Jewelry can also hint at who you are. Our final pick for today is a Daughter of the Pirate and The Siren necklace or pendant. It is also available as a bookmark. Jewelry can give others a glimpse at our hobbies, our likes, or our personality. Explore Etsy for this option and many more.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these various jewelry options. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website to learn more about our upcoming projects and book releases. And take a look at our meet the team blog post to get to know the magical people who help keep the Teelie Turner brand moving forward.

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