Meet Fairy Land’s Magical Team Who Keep Things Moving Along For Your Magical Enjoyment

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 Hello Teelie Turner Author Followers. Today we have a special post to share with you. This one comes from Fairy Land which is such a magical and important place in the Teelie Turner enterprise. We are King Henry and Queen Olivia and we are delighted to have been given this opportunity to introduce you to some humans which we have recently promoted to fairy status. They were promoted because of their incredible dedication to Fairy Land and everything that it represents. This post is to give you a unique look at the team of magical fairies that keeps things moving along for your magical enjoyment. Without them, our wonderful home wouldn’t be as enchanted as it is and we’re very grateful for their involvement in our lives.


Lynn – Founder / CEO

We’re going to start by introducing you to Lynn, our Founder and CEO. We will be forever grateful to her for finding the magic to make Fairy Land blossom. We love that she now has her fairy wings and can continue spreading magic everywhere she goes.

Lynn the Fairy says, “I’m married and have a dog named Joey. I love taking part in community activities. My magical story started in the toy industry where I created an extremely successful doll and miniature department for a very large independent toy retailer. I attended a toy fair in New York and won several national awards for merchandise display. My passion for the magical world has always stayed with me. And, that has led to me creating the Teelie Turner brand which includes Teelie’s Fairy Garden, Tommy Tinker’s Store, The Gentleman Pirate Club, Teelie Turner, Teelie Turner Author, and The Teelie Blog. One of my goals in recording the many events in my magical world of fairies is to use them as an enchanting tool for teaching life lessons. Adults also enjoy reading the stories and sharing them with their children.  I knew that I couldn’t look after a place as magical as Fairy Land all by myself, and so I began assembling a wonderful team which has become like a family to me. I’m looking forward to you meeting them.”

Jeff – Team Leader / Web Developer

Next, we’d like to introduce you to Jeff, who is our team leader and web developer. Jeff helps keep the fairy world online so that  we have the chance to meet human friends from all over the world.

Jeff the Fairy has a bit of information about his life to share with you. He says, “This will be my second year in the team working for Teelie’s Fairy Garden and The Teelie Turner brands. It was a roller coaster ride for me in my first year, but now I am getting used to spending time with the fairies in our kingdom. I love working with websites because they help describe the audience and type of business we have. Every day is a challenge since every fairy has its own style. Work can be stressful at times so what I do to release my stress is play basketball and watch movies. I am currently engaged and if everything goes smoothly, we will get married this year. I have 2 Labrador retrievers which are also my happy pill. In the next 5 years, I am hoping to continue working with the fairies and also have a business of my own. For now, I’m going to enjoy life while working with the different fairies in our kingdom.”

Watch a Magical Fairy Video

While we get our other magical team fairies ready to meet you, we’d like to invite you to watch this magical video about creating a fairy garden for children.


Eric – Social Media Team Manager

Now, we’d like to introduce you to Eric who is our social media team manager. He ensures that all of our social media platforms are filled with new magical content including incredible videos.

Eric the Fairy had these words to share with you about his life, “I live in Dumaguete City in the Philippines. I am married and have a wonderful daughter who wants to be a Supergirl. My hobbies include playing basketball, volleyball, and Xbox. I love to read books, John Grisham and Paolo Coelho are few of my favorite writers. I also enjoy classic books . What I like most about our team is that the members are friendly and cooperative. I also love our team because everyone shares many ideas that can be helpful to our tasks ,they are also accommodating. We have helped each other to improve ourselves in our work.”


Jolo – Web Developer / Trouble shooter

Let us introduce you to Jolo. He’s a web developer and trouble shooter helping us to keep our websites up and running so that you can learn all of the latest fairy news.

Jolo the Fairy says, “I am a web developer by trade. I love to surf during long weekends. I play the bass and acoustic guitars. I’m still single but planning to get married next year. What I love about being with the team the most is the cozy vibes despite having different trades, expertise, and backgrounds.”


Aries – YouTube Manager / Canva Expert

We’d like you to meet Aries. She is our YouTube manager and Canva expert. For those of you who are not familiar with Canva, it is an amazing graphic design program.

Aries the Fairy had these words to share about her life, “I am a Mom to two beautiful girls. I am a fun-loving, compassionate, and very hands-on Mom to my kids. We love spending time together. I am a working Mom, so we usually have our bonding moments on the weekends. I always make sure that we have a good time. We love watching classic movies together. And my kids love fairies as well. Actually, my youngest daughter had a fairy-themed party on her 1st birthday! My kids are my constant source of motivation and inspiration. I have been working for Teelie Turner for a year now, and I am loving every moment of it! I am blessed to have a boss who is so generous, so focused, and has so much respect for all of her employees. That’s the reason why we have a great team working for the company! I call our team, The Dream Team! Lynn, our boss, brings out the best in me. I never thought I had a creative side! But she lets me shine in my job and helped me to discover it. I will forever be grateful and indebted to her. Such an amazing boss. “

Another Magical Fairy Video

Our other team fairies are looking forward to you meeting them in a few minutes. But, first how about watching this beautiful video on creating a nautical themed fairy garden.

Shey – Pinterest / Facebook Manager / Graphics Expert

Now, we’d like to introduce you to Shirley, who we know as Shey. She is a graphics expert and manages some of our magical Pinterest and Facebook accounts. This is really important to us because it helps get our magical images, upcoming events, and blog posts out to you.

Shey the Fairy says, “I love reading books – mostly fairy stories and I enjoy doing DIY creatives such as paper dolls, paper flowers, and other amazing designs. Sweet and sour dishes are my favorite foods and eating them with my husband and daughter is simply extraordinary. I also love what I am doing here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden and being paid for it is simply awesome. I enjoy creating magical videos of Tommy Tinker and his friends, as well as the fairy fillers, fairy flat lays, and fairy Placeit designs. I also love to help and serve, and desire to grow as an individual, learn new skills, and to be part of a growing team. I really love Tommy Tinker, Teelie Turner Author, and Teelie’s Fairy Garden.”


Zel – Pinterest / Facebook Manager / Graphics Expert

We’d also like you to meet Zel. She is also a graphics expert who manages some of our magical Pinterest and Facebook accounts. She recently helped us to assemble the magical ‘Meet the Fairies’ catalogue / Storybook which is available to you as a free download.

Here are a few things that Zel the Fairy had to share with us, “I love to travel and go to the beach. Traveling and going to the beach is my kind of stress reliever. It helps me to relax, unwind and gives me peace in mind. I also love to cook and experiment with new recipes. My best recipe is Adobo. Anyone who has had it really loves it and asks me to cook it again. Yay! Working with the team is so remarkable, the genuine support of each of the team members is amazing. The essence as a team is really there, the skills and talent is so amazing. Lynn values her team a lot, she does not just call us a team, she calls us a family!


Valerie – Writer The Teelie Blog

Meet, Valerie. She’s one of the writers in our magical kingdom. She writes for The Teelie which is filled with exciting posts about an array of subjects.

Valerie the Fairy  says, “I’m a fairy inspired by art. I enjoy music, watching the magical telly, and exploring historical fairy sites. I specifically enjoy abandoned places, mostly because of the beauty that comes from nature taking back structures and spaces that were once theirs. I am a fiery, passionate fairy who will come to the defense of my friends and loved ones when needed. I am a vehement defender of the weak and some might even say that I have a “savior complex.” Despite my flaws, I am a fairy who strives to bring joy to others. I can often be found jamming to my favorite music when I’m not busy trying to help others or working in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, writing about the latest community events and news – work that I find creative fulfillment in.”



Karla – Writer

Now, we’d like to introduce you to Karla. She is another blog writer in our magical kingdom, writing for

Karla the Fairy had this to share about her life, “I became a part of Teelie’s Fairy family in 2018 as a writer. Since then, I’ve been mesmerized by the enchanted world of fairies. I fell in love with Fairy Land because there’s no limit to what a little bit of magic and a positive attitude can do. The fairies help inspire everyone to look on the bright side. During my free time, I like to travel, work on DIY projects, and create arts and crafts with my family. I love cupcakes and sushi (a bit of an odd combination). I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of fairies and hope you enjoy and get inspired by their magic.”

Some More Video Magic

Before you meet the rest of the team, we’d like to share one final video with you. It will tell you a bit about Teelie’s Fairy Garden.


Rebecca – Writer /Fairy Specialist

Next, we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca. She is a writer and fairy specialist. She often visits the palace for tea. Her writing can be found on the Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog, Tommy Tinker’s Store and Teelie Turner Author.

Rebecca the Fairy says, “I first discovered the magic of Teelie Turner in 2014, becoming an official member of the team in November 2019. One of my favorite things about Fairy Land, is that everything is possible there with the help of a bit of fairy dust or a wise fairy friend. When I’m not in Fairy Land having magical adventures, I help tend to the animals on my family’s farm in a small town in Canada. I have also published four of my own books, two for children (Finding My Blue Ribbon Pet, and The Magical Chicken Egg) as well as a two-book series for adults and young adults (The Moderna Way, and The Heart’s Way). My favorite candy bar is the coffee crisp. One of my favorite meals is fajitas. I hope that you enjoy finding the magic in Fairy Land as much as I have.”


Edge – Writer Gentleman Pirate Club

The final writer that we would like to introduce you to is Edge. He writes for the Gentleman Pirate Club.

Here is what Edge the Fairy has to say about himself, “I’m a proud dad to two gorgeous daughters. One is 21 and the other just turned 11 years old. Aside from my girls, I absolutely love books, burgers, basketball, beer, and long walks. I also like to do stuff with my hands. I’m into woodworking, painting, drawing, calligraphy, and sewing. In fact, I make my younger daughter’s costumes for school.

What I like best about the job is the flexibility. I’m quite busy at home taking care of my daughter so I appreciate that I can leave my desk when I need to. I also like that I get to write about something that interests me. The topics I write about – survival, prepping, and homesteading — are so fascinating and I’m pretty sure they’ll come in handy when the time comes. It also feels eve that we’re doing good by sharing these important pieces of information to our readers.

Another thing I ‘m grateful for is the whole team starting with our boss. Lynn has been so understanding and sympathetic ever since I got on board. I appreciate that she considers family more important than work.”



Clarisse – Funnel Expert

We are happy to introduce you to Clarisse. She is the team’s funnel expert and she makes sure that magical sequences are built so that our human believers can learn about giveaways and other fun fairy news. Clarisse is also responsible for sending out our magical newsletters including the Fairy Scoop.

Clarisse the Fairy says, “I was born and raised in Pampanga, It’s the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. We are six in our family and I am the second youngest.  I’m turning 24-years-old in August. I’m single. I love watching movies and TV series on Netflix and other movie/video platforms. When I am watching I think about how I have a chance to learn about people, places, culture, and events. Movies have a life of their own. Also, during my free time I play online games. I love eating Kapampangan dishes and Korean food like samgyupsal, ramyun, tteokbokki and odeng. I love spicy food. What I love about my job is the collaborative environment. Lynn listens to my ideas and the whole team works together.  We all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality. I love being appreciated and listened to. Also, Lynn really cares about her employees.”

Thamasha – Artist

The final team member that we would like you to meet is Thamasha. She is a wonderful artist and created all the magical images of the fairy team members. She also draws many of our magical fairy friends. Most fairies love having their portraits done.

Thamasha the Fairy says, “I am from Sri Lanka. Currently I am working as a fashion designer at well-known linen garment factory. I am also freelance designer. I have a degree in Fashion Design & Product Development from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. I have been working with Lynn for several months on fairy books and I love creating all the magic.”

As King and Queen of Fairy Land, Henry and I are so pleased to know these magical team fairies and we hope that you have enjoyed meeting them. We hope that you take some time to explore all of our magical Teelie Turner brands and enjoy learning more about the fairies and the Fairy Land Kingdom.

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