Inspiring Notebooks and Journals for Back to School

Another school year has arrived, and we wanted to help inspire you on your journey. Teelie Turner Author knows how important writing is. This week we are sharing several options for notebooks and journals that you can use to jot down what you’re thinking and/or feeling each day, or to keep your academic notes in. Several of these are from the Teelie Turner collection of merchandise, which has hardcover journals and notebooks featuring all of our amazing fairies. We have also chosen two designs which belong to a friend of ours.

1. Whimsical Chipmunk Journal
Chipy The Valentine Chipmunk™ Hardcover Journal
2. Floral Fairy Journal
Francie the Flower Patch Fairy™ Hardcover Journal
3. Amazing Unicorn Journal
Ureen The Unicorn Fairy™ Hardcover Journal
4. Nature’s Beauty Journal
Beautiful Butterfly on Lilac Hardcover Journal

Whimsical Chipmunk Journal

Our first journal option features our friend Chipy the Valentine Chipmunk. His journal is perfect for all seasons as the hearts in the image are featured on a playing card. Chipy is one of Teelie Turner’s creations as part of Sugarsnap the Valentine Fairy’s collection of merchandise. Find this journal and many others on Redbubble. 

Floral Fairy Journal

Francine the Flower Patch Fairy is a beautiful fairy who spends her days delighting over flowers. She is featured on a calming mauve background. Learn more about Francie and her fairy friends by visiting Redbubble.

Amazing Unicorn Journal

Ureen the Unicorn’s journal is perfect for adults or children. She is an inspiring friend to find on a journal since unicorns are known for their magical abilities. Unicorns have also had to overcome many challenges in their lifetimes reminding us of the importance of perseverance. Find Ureen’s journal on Redbubble.

Nature’s Beauty Journal

Our next journal features a photograph of a beautiful butterfly posing on a lilac. This journal and a full collection of merchandise featuring this image are available on Redbubble.

1. Pirate Adventures Notebook
Pirate Peter The Pirate Fairy™ Spiral Notebook
2. Inspiring Fairy Notebook
Watrina The Watering Can, Tool And Flowerpot Fairy™ Spiral Notebook
3. Special Friends Notebook
Windy The Wee Folk Fairy- The Protector Fairy Of Small Magical Creatures™ Spiral Notebook
4. A Magical Story Notebook
The Magical Chicken Egg Spiral Notebook

Pirate Adventures Notebook

Pirate Peter is better known as Pirate Pete when it comes to his interactions with friends. He is busy working on the seas but took time to meet with a fairy photographer so that he could be featured on a magical collection of merchandise. Find his spiral notebook on Redbubble.

Inspiring Fairy Notebook

Watrina the Watering Can, Tool and Flowerpot Fairy is inspiring, and loves being featured on a magical collection of merchandise. Watrina is persistent in her care of plants giving them water and care as they need it. She’s a very nurturing fairy and hopes that her presence in your life can help you feel like you’re getting a much-needed hug all the time. Find Watrina’s notebook on Redbubble.

Special Friends Notebook

Windy the Week Folk Fairy is known for her incredible friendships with the small magical creatures that she protects. She is featured on an adorable notebook with her friend the mouse. Her notebook and other merchandise is available on Redbubble.

A Magical Story Notebook

Our final notebook for today is the image of Rebecca Rose Taylor’s book cover for her children’s story ‘The Magical Chicken Egg.’ It includes a look at all of the intriguing characters in this magical children’s story. You can find the notebook and rest of her merchandise on Redbubble.

Thank you for joining us to look at some back to school or everyday writing journals and notebooks. We hope that you enjoy them and will continue to explore the Teelie Turner Author website for more news and fun.

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