Decorate Your Office For Valentine’s Day

Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. With Valentine’s Day in a month, it’s time for us to decorate our offices for this lovely celebration. We’ve put together a list of eight suggestions that you might enjoy.

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Loving Hearts

We found some lovely handmade wooden blocks with hearts on them. One could be set on a desk or window ledge, or multiple ones could  be used in a display. Find them on Etsy.

Beautiful Hearts Pillow

In 2020, Teelie Turner released her magical book Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy. Consider adding a throw pillow to your office décor for some comfort and magic. Several Sugarsnap designs are available including this one with two bluebirds and a multitude of hearts. It is available as a pillow cover or the pillow cover with the insert. See all available options on Redbubble.

Happy Hardcover Notebook

Teelie Turner’s Sugarsnap collection also includes numerous hardcovered notebooks like the one pictured above with Chipy the Valentine Chipmunk. This cute notebook would look great in any office and is also great for the entire year. Although if you do a lot of writing, you might need several to pen all your thoughts. Look for them on Redbubble.

Valentine’s Day Signs

We also found several beautiful wooden Valentine’s signs. Some said Be Mine, Happy Valentine’s Day and Welcome. Find them on Etsy.

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Magical Valentine’s Magnets

If your office has a magnetic board, filing cabinet or wall, then you might consider using magnets as part of the décor. They can be practical and pretty at the same time. Small, medium, and large sizes are available. The Sugarsnap collection on Redbubble has several magnets available. There are also numerous other fairies and magical creatures to choose from in Teelie Turner’s collection.

Valentine’s Gnomes

We found some adorable Valentine’s Gnomes. They are wearing a grey plaid outfit and red hats. Each of them has a heart on their hat. They love this special holiday and want to remind you to love yourself and those who are important to you. The price is per gnome. Find them on Etsy.

Lovely Door Décor

We also found a lovely door sign that celebrates the beauty of Valentine’s Day. It is black, white, grey, and red and has a beautiful cake design on it. Find it on Etsy. It would look great on the door to your office. If you work with your door closed, consider putting it on the inside so that you can enjoy it while you work.

Magical Valentine’s Window Décor

The final suggestion for Valentine’s office décor that we have is of a beautiful decal that goes in the window. It can add some magic to a space and doesn’t take up any additional room. There are two separate models available. Find them on Etsy.

Thank you for learning about our Valentine’s Day office decoration suggestions. We hope that you’re able to add some joy and magic to your life by decorating your office space for this celebration that is sparked with love. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website for updates on our upcoming books and more Valentine’s and reading fun.

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