Encourage Children to Read With Bookmarks

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Hello book lovers, we’re glad that you decided to visit the Teelie Turner Author site today. On April 23rd, International Book Day will be celebrated. You can learn more at Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Due to the Coronavirus people are needing to stay home in order to maintain physical distancing measures. In many areas schools are closed, and, in these cases, many parents are trying to find ways to help their children learn. We have dedicated this article to those parents and are focusing on encouraging children to read with the use of bookmarks.

1. Artistic Bookmarks
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2. Wooden Bookmarks
Solid Wood Fantasy Bookmarks
4. Clip-On Bookmarks
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Artistic Bookmarks

The first bookmark that we have chosen to share with you is an artistic bookmark in the shape of a heart. It will be loved by children and adults. These bookmarks can be used as rewards for children. Perhaps, you have a drawer filled with bookmarks and you allow your children to choose one to use if they read a certain number of pages in a book. The excitement from getting to choose something beautiful can help motivate your children and make reading more enjoyable. You can find the heart shaped bookmark on Etsy.

Wooden Bookmarks

The next bookmarks that we have chosen to show you are made from wood and are fantasy themed. Wood makes us think of things which are solid and lasting. A good foundation in reading can open a new world for your children. Get them involved in the process by having them tell you what books they want to read. Let them know that reading is an adventure and that they can travel to different places without ever leaving the comfort of home when they pick up a book. Use the wooden bookmarks as rulers to help your children keep their place as they read. They can also use the bookmark to mark their pages if they don’t complete the story. These wooden fantasy bookmarks are available on Etsy.

Learn Colors and Reading at the Same Time

When reading, children can learn numerous other skills including resilience and patience. Some books are designed to help with math, cooking or dealing with new situations like adopting a pet or getting a new sibling. Bookmarks can also help with learning. We located a beautiful and colorful bookmark with embroidered books on it, on Etsy. If you have a child who is still learning his or her colors, you can use the bookmark to help with this.

Clip-On Bookmarks

Our next pick is a clip-on bookmark. We located some beautiful ones on Etsy. Bookmarks with clips, snaps or buttons can be used to help your children learn motor skills. Bookmarks can also be used to help with goal setting, like choosing the number of pages to read and then getting to set the bookmark.

1. Color Your Own Bookmarks
Bundle of 12 Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Grab and Go Play Packs and 12 KaleidoQuest Fairies-Themed Colorable Bookmarks
2. Learn Animals Bookmarks
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3. Learn to Match Themes with Bookmarks
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4. Motivational Sayings Bookmarks
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Color Your Own Bookmarks

Ready to use bookmarks are not the only option available. Bookmarks can be created out of craft paper, popsicle sticks and a number of other materials. Amazon offers a magical set of bookmarks that feature fairies which can be colored. Your child can learn how to be creative while making bookmarks. Another option is to ask your child to create a bookmark featuring their favorite book character. Books make great family conversation starters and the love of many books is carried from generation to generation.

Learn Animals Bookmarks

Learning about animals can be a lot of fun. One way to learn about them is to read books about animals. Bookmarks can also be helpful. Consider playing a game with your children of naming the animals on the bookmarks or of making piles of animals that do similar things, such as animals which eat grass. The set of bookmarks which we selected on Amazon also has a small amount of writing on each one to help your child practice their reading. They may not even realize that they are learning as you play your bookmark game.

Learn to Match Themes with Bookmarks

Our next selection of bookmarks comes in a set with eight themes. This can be used to help your children learn to match themes such as food or transportation. As you play this matching game, ask your children if they’ve ever seen a book featuring something in the themes, such as a boat. You can find this set on Amazon.

Motivational Sayings Bookmarks

Our final selection of bookmarks features motivational sayings from superheroes which your children can enjoy looking at and reading. Comic books are a great option for reading. Anything with words on it can be read and used as a teaching tool for your children. You can find this set of bookmarks on Amazon.

We hope that you have been inspired by our selection of bookmarks and the ways that they can be used to encourage your children to read and learn. We’d like to invite you to spend some more time visiting the Teelie Turner Author site to learn more about Teelie’s books and our reading suggestions and advice.

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