Help Liven Up Your Bookcase With Bookends


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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Do you look at your bookcase and wonder how you can make it look neater and tidier? Do you keep reorganizing the books on the shelves and they still tip over when you take one out to  read it? Would you like to add a bit of décor to your bookshelves? There is a practical and artistic way in which this can be done. You can help liven up your bookcase or shelves with bookends. There are numerous different options to fit your needs and today’s author’s advice column will share eight of these options with you. There is a lot of other great information here on Teelie Turner Author so make sure to have a look at our previous posts too. Today’s bookend suggested are geared towards adults, but we’ll be  back with another post soon regarding bookends for children’s rooms, although some of these options are universal.

1. Tree Bookends
Tree Bookends - Advendure Decor - Woodland Nursery - Mountain Decor - Outdoors Nursery
2. Leaf Bookends
Silver leaf over gesso leaves candlesticks or bookends
3. Victorian Bookends
Sweet 1920’s Victorian bookends
4. Black Cat Bookends
Wonderful Cast Iron Black Cat Bookends

Tree Bookends

Our first set of bookends is made from wood and each of the two ends features three green trees. It is  colorful, and rustic looking. This set of bookends has a calming sense about it that will go  wonderful with the books that they are supporting. These bookends are available on Etsy.

Leaf Bookends

Our next set of bookends is dual-purpose as they can also serve as candlestick holders. However, if this is to be their function in your home, please do not put them near any books. These silver leaf shaped bookmarks are elegant and charming. They’re also a play on words when it comes to reading as turning the page is sometimes referred to as turning over a new leaf. You’ll find these bookends on Etsy.

Victorian Bookends

Do you enjoy the Victorian era? Our next set of bookends look like they stepped off the pages of an intriguing novel from the 1920’s. One bookend has a man on it and the other has a woman, each dressed in Victorian clothing. They would look wonderful on a bookcase or shelf showcasing some older books. They can be found on Etsy.

Black Cat Bookends

There has been a lot of speculation regarding black cats and whether or not they are unlucky. This is a superstitious which is exactly that. We located a set of bookends on Etsy which have black cats on them, and we love the way that they look. They would look amazing on a set of bookshelves. If they are white shelves, the black cat bookends with their green bases will certainly add a pop of color.

Liven up a room with bookends
1. Nautical Bookends
Vintage 1920's Cast Iron Clipper Ship Bookends Pair
2. Family Bookends
Family with grandparents and grandkids Bookends - Wood and metal
3. Tree of Life Bookends
MAXFOUNDRY Tree of Life Decorative Metal Bookends, Heavy Duty, Non-Skid Book Ends for Home or Office (Gold)
4. Bird Bookends
MyGift Vintage Decorative Birds & Books Brass-Colored Resin Bookends, 1 Pair

Nautical Bookends

If you are a fan of the sea or boats, a set of nautical themed, cast-iron bookends from the 1920s might make you jump for joy. These vintage bookends are like buried treasure, rare and intriguing. They can be found on Etsy. There are also some books like that, which give the reader so much happiness when they find a copy of a story that they have been searching for.

Family Bookends

Our next set of bookends is remarkable. Each bookend reveals a beautiful scene that celebrates family. On one side is a grandfather walking with his grandchild. The other side is a grandmother rocking one of her grandchildren while reading it a book. These bookends double as art and will give you the kind of emotions that the best books evoke. These bookends are available on Etsy.

Tree of Life Bookends

The tree of life has many different meanings, it is also stunningly beautiful. We located a set of heavy-duty, gold bookends featuring this well-known tree on Amazon. Trees, like books help to give us essentials to live our best lives.

Bird Bookends

Birds are another beautiful and inspiring subject and we found some decorative and useful brass-colored bookends. They have the ability to bring some cheer to your bookcase. They can be found on Amazon.

The number of  possibilities for bookends is endless. Choose something that makes you feel happy and inspired as you organize your bookshelves to help liven them up and make it easy for you to access your books. Books are like friends and therefore we must look after them. Other book information and books by Teelie Turner Author can be found here.

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