Book Suggestions for Mom

Book suggestions for Mom

With Mother’s Day less than a week away we wanted to compile a list of book suggestions  that mothers might enjoy. But we know that each mom is different and so our list is as eclectic and unique as our moms are. We hope you  enjoy our selection. And, be sure to continue exploring the Teelie Turner Author page for more fun book themed information including new releases from Teelie Turner.

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Read A Novel

Moms might enjoy some time on Mother’s Day to curl up with a cup of tea and a book. There are so any wonderful book titles to choose from and we could only feature one today, so we chose Debbie Macomber’s Window on the Bay. Find it on Amazon.

A Fairy Garden Guide

Another great book selection for mom is called Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes: Create Tiny Worlds of Fairy Magic & Delight with Natural, Handmade Décor. If mom has an interest in fairy gardening, and in creating handmade décor for the garden, this book is a wonderful choice to help mom escape her daily routine and learn about a possible new hobby, or to continue one that she already has. You can find this book on Amazon.

Experience  New Cuisine

Does mom love to explore new cuisine? The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook released by author Sherryl Woods is a wonderful choice. Mom can sit and relax and look through a scrumptious and inspiring culinary creation. It is available on Amazon. And, if you want to make your mom’s day even more special, you can purchase the ingredients for one of the recipes and surprise your mom with it for her Mother’s Day supper.

A Time to Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine and that is actually part of the title of this book featuring 101 short stories. This book is part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. It is available on Amazon and these stories have the ability to take you on a magical journey.

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Inspiring Mom  Tales

Our next book pick is also from the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. It is called the Magic of Mom. It is filled with stories of gratitude, wisdom and miracles (also part of its title) and can help to inspire and rejuvenate moms on this special day that celebrates her. This magical book is available on Amazon.

An Enjoyable Hobby

If your mom likes to crochet or has talked about wanting to give it a try, a book of crochet patterns and projects could be a fun way for her to relax on Mother’s Day. If your mom doesn’t have crochet supplies, consider getting her some yarn and a set of crochet hooks at the same time. You can find this book on Amazon.

A Special Gift

A baby is a special gift. If mom is expecting a baby, she may want to spend this special Mother’s Day looking forward to and dreaming about her future. The Baby Name Wizard is a great book for choosing a name for baby. This book is available on Amazon.

Art Therapy

Adult coloring books have become popular in the last few years and we thought that mom might like to explore her creative side this Mother’s Day. Whether she’s looking to enjoy some time alone sitting on her porch or in having some family time, coloring is a great idea. It can be done alone or as a family, with children working in their own coloring books while mom works on hers. We chose a nature themed coloring book which can be found on Amazon.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these book suggestions for mom. From our bookshelf to yours, we hope that moms everywhere get to enjoy a special Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to come back and visit us at Teelie Turner Author soon.

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