How to Create a Valentine’s Celebration for the Whole Family

Celebrating Valentine's

Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. This week we decided to share some ideas on how you can create an amazing at home Valentine’s celebration for your whole family. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be done all in a day either. Consider spreading it out over a few days to fully appreciate all the activities that you can do surrounding this beautiful day.

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A Valentine’s Story

Consider reading a Valentine’s book. Teelie Turner wrote Sugarsnap The Valentine’s Card Fairy. It is beautifully written and illustrated. We also have a full list of other suggestions for children in last week’s blog post. Find it here.

Bake Valentine’s Cookies

Baking cookies is another exciting Valentine’s Day activity. We found a heart shaped cookie cutter set that includes multiple colors and sizes that you might enjoy. Let us know on social media what your favorite kind of cookie is. Find the cookie cutters on Etsy.

Valentine’s Coloring

We found 119 coloring pages that are available as a PDF instant download on Etsy. There are plenty of choices for everyone in the family to find a design that they’ll enjoy coloring. This is a great relaxing family activity. We’d love to know if you prefer to color with markers, or wax or pencil crayons.

Create a Valentine’s Fairy Garden

We love fairy gardening, and you might enjoy it too. Consider creating a magical Valentine’s Day fairy garden. We found some heart shaped balloons on Etsy that can be used for an indoor fairy garden.  In the image they are tied to a bicycle, but it is just a prop to show you what you might want to do with the balloons.  Consider visiting our sister site Teelie’s Fairy Garden to read this week’s blogpost about a red, pink, and white Valentine’s fairy garden.

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Outdoor Winter Activities

Perhaps you and your family would like to do some outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, or tobogganing. We found a fairy on a leaf sled that would look great in a winter themed fairy garden. It can also serve as inspiration for your winter fun. Find it on Etsy.

Enjoy Valentine’s Aromatherapy

Enjoying aromatherapy is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day. We found a red velvet cupcake candle that must smell amazing. One recommendation is to use it with a candle warmer so that you don’t have to worry about lighting the wick. Find this candle on Amazon. Aromatherapy and coloring would be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Enjoy a Heartwarming Movie

There are many heartwarming family-oriented movies that would make wonderful choices for Valentine’s Day. We found a movie on Amazon called So Dear to My Heart that we think you’ll enjoy. It is about a boy and a mischievous lamb.

Enjoy a Magical Family Game

You might also want to enjoy a magical family game afternoon or evening. Candy Land is one possible choice for this Valentine’s season. Find it on Amazon.

We hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a great time in the days that lead up to this lovely holiday. Please continue to visit Teelie Turner Author to learn about Teelie’s upcoming book releases, Valentine’s Day, and other exciting news.

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