Inside of Fairy Author’s Home Office

This week at Teelie Turner Author we’re going to be taking a look inside of a home office belonging to a fairy author like Airapippen.

1. Magical Lighting
Tree Heart Fairy Light Bottle (Cork Light Included) - Sparkle Night Light, Magical Glittering, Etching, Twinkle Lantern, Bottle Lamp
2. An Adorable Desk
Vintage Wood Miniature Dollhouse Roll Top Desk Office Desk Handmade
3. Enchanted Desktop Organizer
Desk Organizer with unicorn
4. Incredible Unicorn Organizer
A4 52 Page Weekly Planner Pad With To Do Lists and Notes, Unicorn Desktop Planner, Family Organiser, Office Diary, Work Journal, Kids Diary

Magical Lighting

Magical lighting is a must in a fairy office. And because fairies have such magical powers, they can use fairy dust to make a light as bright as it needs to be. We chose to show you this ‘Tree Heart Fairy Light Bottle’ which is available on Etsy. Perhaps you’ll want it for creating an enchanting look in your fairy’s home office.

An Adorable Desk

Choose a fun and adorable desk for your fairy author’s home office. They’re going to be spending a lot of time there sitting, thinking, and creating their masterpieces. This miniature roll top desk is a superb choice. Happy writing fairy authors. Find this little desk on Etsy.

Enchanted Desktop Organizer

Always have pens, post its and other office supplies at arm’s reach. That is made possible by a desktop organizer such as this one with a unicorn on it. It can be found on Etsy.

Incredible Unicorn Organizer

We also found the perfect way to help our fairy author keep his or her to do list in order. This unicorn weekly planner pad has a place for notes and to do lists. It is also magically cute which is a bonus. Find it on Etsy.

1. Incredible Artwork
Thomas Kinkade Castle Rainbow Poster Canvas Painting Art
2. Delectable Treats
Adorable Cup of Coffee with Hot Pink Heart, Fairy Garden Goodies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Coffee, Cupcake, Heart, Star, Pink, Fairy
3. Magical Bird Friends
Itsy Bitsy Yellow Birdies, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Yellow Birds, Baby Birds, Tiny Birds, Crafts, DIY Garden, Fairies, Pets
4. Blank Pages
Qiana the Outdoor Gardening Fairy™ Hardcover Journal

Incredible Artwork

A fairy author should be surrounded by magic and one way to make that happen is to select some incredible artwork. There are many different choices available when it comes to art. We decided to choose this Thomas Kinkade Castle Rainbow Poster. It looks like a scene from the Fairy Kingdom. Find it on Etsy.

Delectable Treats

Taking little breaks for something to drink and a snack is important for anybody. Fairy authors love sweets and that means they’re going to need some delectable treats such as a cup of hot cocoa and a starry and delicious cupcake. This treat is available on Etsy.

Magical Bird Friends

Having some company can be good for a writer as long as they don’t get too distracted. These magical yellow birds are a great idea for a pet who is good at keeping a fairy author company. They can even sing a soothing song to help the fairy author clear their mind when they are in search of new ideas. These little yellow birds are available on Etsy. A video of them is below.

Blank Pages

Writers should have blank pages to be able to write their creations on. This hardcover journal featuring Qiana the Outdoor Gardening Fairy which is available on Redbubble is a great option.

We hope that you have enjoyed exploring some of the elements that can be included in a home office for a fairy author.  We would love to hear from you. Please contact us on social media or find us on Bloglovin’. Please also continue to explore the Teelie Turner Author website for more news and fun. New book releases are coming soon, and we hope that you and your children love them as much as we do.

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