Eight Great Places to Read During the Autumn

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Welcome back to Teelie Turner Author. This week we’re going to discover eight great places that you can read during the autumn. Do you have other suggestions? We’d love to hear about them. Please comment on this post or contact us via social media to let us know.

1. Curled Up in Bed
Miniature Fairy Girl Reading, Fairy Garden Accessories, Miniature Garden, Garden Decor, Home Décor
2. Comfortable on the Sofa
Original Oil Painting, Reading Girl, 12"x16", 1903143
3. By the Fire
Contemporary Fire Screen dollhouse miniature kit 1:12
4. The Porch, Playhouse or Shed
Miller's Garden (+LED Lights) - DIY Dollhouse Miniature Kit

Curled Up in Bed

Getting to curl up in your bed to read is one great way to lounge around and relax. If the weather and your surroundings permit, perhaps you would like to open a window to let in some air. The fairy girl pictured above loves reading. Find her on Etsy.

Comfortable on the Sofa

Getting comfortable on the sofa can be another great space for reading. You might want to grab a blanket and some pillows to help add to your comfort. Having good lighting is also important when it comes to enjoying your relaxation. You can find an amazing oil painting of a girl reading on a sofa on Etsy.

By the Fire

You might want to read by the fire. This can be done inside the house, or if the weather permits at an exterior fire pit. It is always important to take the necessary protection when enjoying a fire. You might even decide to enjoy a cup of tea while you relax with the enjoyment that literature brings. The fairies have some special fire screens for their dollhouses, like the one pictured above. It can be found on Etsy.

The Porch, Playhouse or Shed

Getting to read outside is particularly nice as long as you’re dressed warm enough and/or have a blanket to help keep you from the potential autumn chills. You might want to read on the porch, in a playhouse or in a shed. Pick up a book, choose your spot and adventure off to Story Land. You can find a miniature DIY dollhouse kit that features a beautiful porch for reading on, on Etsy.

1. Enjoying the Autumn Scenery
Autumn Terrarium Kit, Autumn decorations, Autumn Leaves, Fall Decor, Fall, Fairy Garden with Tire swing, Autumn Wedding, Fall Decorations
2. Library or Book Store
DIY Miniature Study Room Library Craft Kit Dollhouse
3. Café
Starbucks Drinks, Fairy Garden Goodies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Food, Fairy Drinks, Starbucks, Cupcake, Star, Heart, Brown, White
4. Autumn Themed Reading Nook
Miniature Grandmother Fairy Reading to Fairy Granddaughter

Enjoying the Autumn Scenery

Having a reading spot where you have a wonderful view of the autumn scenery while you read is another amazing choice when it comes to an autumn reading spot. This spot could be on your porch, lawn, around the fire, or perhaps in a wooded area. If you’d like to bring autumn inside, we found a terrarium kit on Etsy that can help you do that.

Library or Book Store

Reading in a library or bookstore can be good choices. Libraries generally have designated reading areas. Some bookstores also have a place for you to browse through the books that you might potentially want to take home, or a book that you just bought. This is great if you can’t wait to turn the pages. You can find a miniature DIY library kit for a dollhouse on Etsy.


Some cafés encourage patrons to come in and read when they buy their coffee and sweets. That’s why we decided to show you this delicious Starbucks fairy garden treats scene that includes a beverage and adorable cupcakes. It is available on Etsy.

Autumn Themed Reading Nook

Perhaps you have decorated your reading nook with an autumn theme. You could feature Thanksgiving or Halloween, or just autumn leaves and the colors of fall. We hope that you and your whole family can make use of it. We decided to share an image of a grandmother and granddaughter fairy reading. You can find them on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting us today. We hope you find yourself an amazing autumn reading spot. Please continue to explore the Teelie Turner Author website for more news and fun. New book releases are coming soon, and we hope that you and your children love them as much as we do.

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